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Julian Assange | The Gringos Are Coming


“The U.S. invaded Brazil,” Julian Assange says regarding the current espionage scandal

The creator of Wikileaks argues that Washington cannot behave, in a foreign country, based on his own country’s legislation.

This from Leaksource blog. Bloomberg has the whole story.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said  Thursday that the espionage tactics developed by the NSA prove that “the U.S. invaded Brazilian soil. ”

“What does it mean when a law — in this case, the PATRIOT Act — leaves one country and travels to another? This means it is acting as a national legislator in a foreign territory,” the  Australian said during a videoconference held in São Paulo.

Moreover, Assange believes that communications originating in Latin America can be intercepted at any time using massive surveillance. He repeats the charge that U.S. action represents “a collapse of the legal order and clear violation of rights” — in this case, he is referring to interventions in the Middle East. 

Not having received satisfying answers from the U.S. government about the spying activity, Dilma Rousseff decided to delay an official visit to the U.S. scheduled for October 23. The announcement came on September 17 from the press office of the Planalto Palace. 

Dilma spoke personally on September 16 with Barack Obama, who tried to avoid the delay and to justify the scandal of NSA-organized spying program.

NSA should just cut their outsourcers loose and bet big on the Lula Gambit: “It wasn’t me, it was a couple of out off-the-reservation nut jobs loopier than Watergate plumbers, but not connected.”

In NSA, the agency intercepted  conversations between Dilma and her aides, as well as information on Petrobras and the pre-salt layer. A candidate for President of Mexico at the time, Enrique Peña Nieto, who was elected, was also surveilled.