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Santos Basin | James Bond and the Libra Eleven


Source:  GGN.

By: Agência Petroleira de Notícias

After commercial espionage targeting Petrobrás, social movements protest at the U.S. Consulate in Rio. On Wednesday (9/12) activitsts of the group O Petróleo Tem que Ser Nosso — am ally of the MST — gathered outside the Consulate to protest against the auctioning of the Libra field.  scheduled for Wednesday (9/18).

The result, published today, is that major oil and gas multinationals have decided to sit this one out. 

Director of the National Petroleum Association (ANP) Magda Chambriard, said today she had been informed that major oil companies such as Exxon Mobil,,BP and BG that they would not participate in the auction of rights to the oil reserves of the Libra  field, in the pre-salt layer of the Santos Basin.

Magda added that he was expecting for 40 compainies to take part, but that market conditions have decreased participation.

This is the first auction granting exploratory areas for oil and gas in  the pre-salt  layer based on a sharing of  production. The auction is scheduled for 2 October.

According to the timetable established by the procurement order, the signing of the contract with others winning consortia should occur in November.

The concessionaire will have to remit to the Federal Union part of the oil proposed — this is why it is called the sharing regime.

In other words, a PPP

The winner is the company offering the largest segment of production for the federal union. The company that wins the first auction of exploration rights for the pre-sal layer in on a shared basis, and will have to pay the Union a bonus of  R$15  billion.

Segundo a ANP, recent finds in the Libra reflect an “in situ”volume”  (the volume of oil or gas existing in the locality) is expected to bring in between 26 billion and 42 billion barrrels. A recovery of around 30% of total volume, the Libra field is  capable of producing from 8 to 12 million barrels.

In an update: 11 companies participated in the September 19 auction.

Box seats for Uncle Sam

The social movements stressed that U.S. spying illegally collected information that favored U.S. companies in the auction process.

As paravoid as I tend to be, I still find it difficult from the infamous PPT slide, which hints that the NSA has been sniffing around various networks — including Petrobras –but as far as I have scene so far offers no evidence of an actual penetrations, This could well be a mere training scenario, as advertised. “We just packet sniffed Google, we didn’t intrude.”

But what do I know? Someone should do an informative infographic that would make clear what the sniffers were sniffing.

I have not had a change to read Economic Espionage: NSA Spies on Brazil Oil Giant Petrobras.

The name of Petrobras appears on several slides, as the training goes deeper in explaining how date from the target companies is monitored.

Individual folders are created for each target – and contain all the intercepted communications and IP addresses – the identification of each computer on the network – which should be immune to these attacks.

The NSA presentation contains documents prepared by the GCHQ – the British spy agency, from a country that figures as an ally of the United States in spying. The British agency shows how two spy programs operate. “Flying Pig” and “Hush Puppy” also monitor private networks which carry supposedly secure information. These networks are known as TLS/SSL.

AEPET director Francisco Soriano recalled that U.S. intel had as its objective obtaining business secrets from Petrobras to benefit American multinationals and their allies in the auction. AEPET is the syndicate of petroleum engineers.

So perhaps Soriano is right:

“No other company has this much information about Libra as Petrobras does. Acquiring this information ilegally, the foreign multinationals will have an edge,” Soriano, Coordinator of the Sindipetro-RJ syndicate of oil drillers, said.

Emanuel Cancella said that U.S. spying is a threat to national assets. “The response to this espionage has to come from the Brazilian people as a whole, especially on the eve of the Libra auction. Espionage is only one among many others, to stop this auction. During the campaign, Dilma said it would be  a crime to privatize rights to the pre-salt layer. Now she is saying exactly the opposite.  This is a political fraud,” he said.

The protest including oil workers, students, the homeless, activists of Occupy the Congress, and other social movements. Impassioned speeches from the sound truck, the handing out of literature and numerous banners on the charges that the revealing of  intelligence marcked the march. Coordinators of the campaign The Oil Belongs To Us plan to intensify the campaign next week against the auctioning of the Libra field, camping out nf Rio until Dilm cancels the public tender involving Libra.

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