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Putrid Paper | The Brazilian Municipality as Issuer


The latest episode of predatory competition and fraudulent auctions involves the Pension ministry, which dstributes massive fundage to the retired.

In this case, new information is available on the affair within the confines of Operation Micah — one of the largest white-collar cases ever investigate, as far as I can see.

Part of the problem appears to be that the federals are at a disadvantage –in terms of dimension. There are over 5,000 municipalities to be kept tabs on.

The press office of the Ministry of Social Insurance informed today that Minister  Garibaldi Alves Filho has ordered the firing of aide Gustavo Alberto Soares Filho, suspected of involvement in two criminal organizations assused by the federal police of money laundering and mismanagement of pension funds for municipal  civil servants. The Ministry said that Soares Filho worked as a coordinator of the Planning Directorate for the Department of Pension Services for civil servants.

The two criminal conspiracies were takendown on September 19 during PF. Operation Micah. At the time, 20 persons were arrested in the federal district and Rio. The PF said that two of the men arrested were two senior officials of the Rio State Police and  two rank and file officrs.

The A PF discovered that the organization “greased the palms” of mayors and managers of Regimes Próprios de Previdência Social,  which enabled cities to invest the assets from various pension funds in debt instruments generated by the scheme.

The funds were invested in investments lacking information on their provenance, and were diverted to the account of the parties involved, include mayors and fund managers.

The Ministry of Retirement and Social Security confirmed the firing  ofSoares Filho published today in the complete edition of the Saturday  (23) edition of the Diário Oficial da União.

The ministry was informally notified on September 20 about the alleged participation of this civil servant, a former spokesman for the PF police.

Athough he works in Social Security, Soares Filho is a career auditor of the tax authority, the Federal Tax System. His dismissal by Garibaldi is limited to the functions performed for the Ministry. Aides say that the Ministry will only take adminstative actons against the former aide, which could result in her maintaining her possession at the precise moment at which the the PF communicates formally on the involvement of Soares in the scheme.

An article published today, Saturday, by the Estado de S. Paulo, reviewed the Operation Micah report, revealed that a report on the operation that pointed to Soares Filho as the center of the scheme and maintained contacts with an investigation target, going undercover and hanging out at one of the suspected money laundering: Invista Investimentos Inteligentes.

The Previdência coordinator, according to some documents obtained by the site,  had photographed one of these visits, in October 2012. The publication of this photo confirmed what the PF was requesting: temporary confinement of Gustavo Soares.

Relações Institucionais

Nesta sexta, a Secretaria de Relações Institucionais também anunciou a exoneração de um funcionário da pasta suspeito de envolvimento com as duas organizações criminosas que atuavam no setor de previdência. O ex-assessor Idaílson José Vilas Boas Macedo é suspeito de ser lobista do esquema, tendo feito negociações dentro do Palácio do Planalto. Ele intermediaria negociações entre aliciadores do esquema e prefeitos.

A operação, deflagrada na manhã desta quinta (19), prendeu 20 pessoas e realizou 74 mandados de busca e apreensão no Distrito Federal, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, Maranhão, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso, Rondônia, Minas Gerais e São Paulo.

Those arrested will be charged with fraud, unauthorized operation of  options on real property, active and passive corruption, money laundering, criminal conspiracy and falsification of sworn documents.

Among the effects of the gang,the PF amassed 18 autos (10 of them deluxe), 1 motorcycle and a launch worth R$ 5 million.

During the 18 meses of investigation, police estimate that R$ 300 million passed through its 30 shell companies, used to move assets around and launder them by concealing their origin.

Where it gets interesting is when the police stop applying bandages and target the underlying dynamic — the underground economy.

In a related story, G1 reports on the firing of an aide reputedly making use of the samef financial machinery.

The press office of the Secretary of Institutional  Relations announced on September that minister Ideli Salvatti had decided to fire civil servant Idaílson José Vilas Boas Macedo, suspected of involvement wiht a group defined by PF as a criminal conspiracy to commit money laundering and mis-management of pension fund assets, among others.