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Siemens Case | The Dirty Low Down

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You can learn a lot about infowar from reading the greater São Paulo Metro Area fourth estate.

Take the most recent exchange of rhetorical artillery today. It goes like this:

But the co-called investigation the state government is pushing, and which the media are treating as if it were serious, is nothing but political theater.

But what to use for counterbattery fire in an argument over the relative integrity of two conflicting accusations?

Generally this requires undercutting  and occupying the moral high ground — appealing to nihilism if you have to. Painting accusers as political persecutors is a frequent tactic.

That is exactly the indirect counterargument produced by Reinaldo Azevedo (Veja)  in his latest column.

Finally, a scandalous and proven fact in the Siemens case: the head of antitrust agency CADE once worked for a Workers Party (PT) legislator.

The mask of objectivity falls and the face of a PT figurehead emerges. 

In this way, Azevedo open the door to a frequently used accusation: That the PSDB-DEM are victims of political persecution. In this case, the party running for cover is Governor Geraldo Alckmin, whose state comptroller-general

has mounted [a Potemkin village] with the support of the major news media. Globo’s Jornal Nacional, for example, ran a piece last Tuesday that tries to convince the viewer that the government of São Paulo is investigating alongside the federal police and the prosecutor (MP).

See again:

Reinaldo continues:

… As you will find in the files — yes, I always look back over what I have written because memory is a necessary art — I have never alleged the innocence of this or that figure in the Siemens case. Let it be investigated. What I have done in this case is something: different:

(a) I ask myself how a confidential proceeding could be leaking to journalists who are said to exclusively support the government of São Paulo;

The reference is to the Estado de S. Paulo, a conservative daily whose coverage of the affair has been excellent.

(b:) I ask myself why confidentiality only applied to the state government but not to other leakers;

(c) I asked myself if CADE had, in the end, conducted an internal inquiry to identify the sources of all these leaks (it obviously has not);

(d) I asked myself if Siemens, which continues to hold billionaire contracts with the federal government, especially in the energy sector, had anything to say about their negotiations with “the comrades;”

The comrades are the left-leaning PT — the biblical locusts of Brazilian politics, according to oppositionists.

(e) I asked myself if the notorious PT leader Vinícius Marques de Carvalho was conducting himself with due impartiality as president of CADE;

(f)  asked myself whether CADE has the power to condemn, using media leaks, even before investigating.

The answers — or “the answer” — to all these question is provided by Andreza Matais and Fábio Fabrini of the Estado de S. Paulo today. The answer in every case in no!

The story referred to reports an initiative by the PSDB to question CADE leadership on exactly this point: their impartiality

PSDB announced today that it would attempt to summon Gilberto Carvalho (secretary-general of the Presidency) and José Eduardo Cardozo (Minister of Justice ) and invite the president of CADE, Vinicius Carvalho, to be questioned in a congressional committee. The Toucan seeks explanations for the fact that he omitted having served as an aide to state deputy Simão Pedro (PT-SP), as the Estado de S. Paulo reports today.

“This is the usual practice of the PT: The State is there to serve its convenience. The end justifies the means, in their eyes. We want a wide-ranging investigation,” said PSDB leader Carlos Sampaio (SP).

It does take much experience in the hermeneutic arts to perceive that Reinaldo is simply plagiarizing and launching his text into the echo chamber.

Vinícius Marques Carvalho does not have the necessary impartiality to preside over thecase. HE WAS — WHAT A COINCIDENCE! — CHIEF OF STAFF OF STATE DEPUTY SIMÃO PEDRO (PT) FROM MARCH 2003 TO JANUARY 2004.

Simão Pedro? He is the current Secretary of Services for Haddad in the city government. In 2011, he filed a case with the MP to investigate the conduct of Siemens in the subway and commuter rail systems.  Em 2012, he returned to same office. That same year, his former boss took over at CADE and — what a coincidence — entered into that so-called “plea bargain” with a special focus on São Paulo. It looks like the bullies have little curiosity about the federal government’s relationship with Siemens.

Lies By Omission

To this point, the reader may be thinking: “Well, so what, Reinaldo, if the president of CADE was an aide to a PT deputy who was always making accusations? This was a public fact, was it not?”

THE ANSWER IS: NO!!! Carvalho omitted from his CV his work for the PT legislator. A CV of Carvalho’s, when he was merely a councillor of CADE, sent to the Senate in 2010 to then chief of staff, Erenice Guerra, lists his professional activities between February 2002 and January 2003 and from February 2005 and February 2006. Bidu!

He left out exactly the same period in which he worked for Simão Pedro. In 2012, it was the turn of minister Gleisi Hoffmann to do the same thing — he was a candidate to lead the agency. Once again, the services rendered to the PT deputy were not listed.

How does Carvalho explain the lack of transparency? Well, he says it was probably an “oversight.” provavelmente was lapse.

I enjoy words. “Probable oversight” means that he himself is not certain of this. If it sticks, it sticks. It is a better answer however, than the one given by Ze Dirceu, which will live on in history: “I am more and more convinced of my  own innocence.” He himself starts off admitting it is going to be hard to believe.

Simão Pedro, meanwhile, as a secretary of Mayor Haddad, has a sense of humor — even if the joke is not all that funny. He told the Estado de S. Paulo that his relationship with the CADE president is one of “friendship” and has not interfered with due process in the case. He waxes poetic: “It is a damned coincidence of destiny.” You don’t have to tell me!

In short, the Veja columnist borrows an ad hominem argument to attempt to undermine the integrity antitrust body CADE,, which based on other coverage today presents a serious threat to the political establishment.

Also used is the tempest in the teapot argument. The questioning of the CADE executive’s bona fides is treated as equally interesting and relevant as the other.


Rio | “UPP of the Militiamen”


Source: R7 

The home of a military policeman (MP ) from the Shock Battalion is allegedly being used as a sort of “UPP of the Militiamen” according to neighbors in Praça Seca, in the Western Zone of Rio.

A UPP is a unidade da polícia pacificadora — pacification policing unit a community-based policing program designed to gradually normalize law enforcement in areas where it is lacking.

Suspicions are that men with ties to former PM Luiz Monteiro are trying to retake control over the Bateau Mouche and Covanca communities, which are currently controlled by the drug trade.

The residence pointed to as the “UPP of the Militia” is simple, painted blue and white, which are the official colors of the  Rio PM. Allegedly, the space serves as a base and a dormitory for militia members.

According to an official note from the PM, the Shock Batttalion sergeant who owns the property was relieved of street duty and is performing administrative duties while invesetigations proceed.

Operation in Covanca

Teams from the elite BOPE squad exited the community of Covanca, Western Zone, on Friday night after spending the weekend searching the community for criminals. On Friday, Sgt. Marco Antônio Gripp died in an exchange of gunfire with drug dealers. There were no confrontations on Saturday and Sunday.

Investigations show that at least 60 drug trade members are hidden in the rainforest in Maciço da Tijuca. In the gang headed by Luiz Cláudio Machado, aka”Sledgehammer,there are criminals from the Lins and Alemão complexes and Jacarezinho. In order to remain in the forest, they are using an electricity generator and techniques of jungle survival.

UPP of the Militia Sergeant Relieved of Duty

Rio de Janeiro – Sergeant Ronald César Força, of the Shock Battalion, accused of mounting and running the “UPP da Milícia” in Praça Seca, was relieved of street duty by the PM.


Source: O Dia

Yesterday, September 23, the Rio daily O Dia showed how the policeman had transformed a family home on Rua Parintins, in Chacrinha, into a militia base led by ex-seargeant  Luiz Monteiro Doem. He painted the home blue and white — the colors of the state PM — and painted the expression “UPP” over the door and the side of the building, in a reference to the Police Pacification program.

According to O Dia, Sgt. Força is the subject of a PM inquiry based on an initial investigation by the PM intelligence service in June. This Monday, was questioned again. The trooper is accused of transporting weapons and militiamen from the Doem gang, as well as using the house to host paramilitaries from other neighborhoods.

Col. Cláudio Costa of the PM PR office, said that Ronald César Força will perform office work while the IPM is in force. He formerly worked as a motorcycle cup and even worked some of the June protests. The IPM is confidential and has a time limit of 40 days.

Another investigation into the sergeant’s involvement with the Praça Seca militias was opened yesterday by Marcus Vinícius Braga, of the 28th Precinct. He had been inside the building and noted the “UPP” inscribed on it, and called for an expert from the criminalistics lab to examine it.

Favela da Chacrinha is one of the poor communities in Jacarepaguá monitored by PMs ever since the death of a BOPE lieutenant there on Friday. Yesterday, the PM said it discovered campsites and houses used by bandits to take refuge in the area. 

Siemens Case | Seize The Moral High Ground


Source: Blog da Cidadania.

Topic: Siemens insinuates Alckmin “covers up” corrupção

São Paulo — As public attention remains focused on the trial of the “payola of the PT” and growing evidence that the scandal is being treated with uncommon rigor by the national news media, the attorney-general and the Supreme Court, another scandal, involving billions of reais and evidence against ranking politicians, has passed unnoticed.

Billions of reais are involved in a corruption scheme that has turned the daily commute of millions of metro area passengers into a daily torture session in the worst subway system in the world in terms of overcrowding.

Just to give you an idea, the small São Paulo subway car (74.2 km2) transports 11 passengers per km2. The international standard is 6 km2). For this reaons, the Folha de S. Paulo says, the city’s subway is the most overcrowded in the world.  Continue reading

Notícias Rio Brasil | Pro- or Anti-Militia?


The voice of a modest community newspaper in Rio on the militia phenomenon.

Rio – We at Notícias Rio Brasil have registered a number of complaints involving the movements of the drug trade. Those of use who do not care for the control the militia has over various parts of Rio — especially in the areas known as “pacified,” where pacification is yet not really reaching the people, contary to their desire to turn Jacarépaguá into a new Complex do Alamão.

In this context I have defended the actions of the militia on occasions as the lesser of two evils. Living with crack addicts in the streets, with assaults and car robberies, all of which tend to end in death. All of this comes included with the drug trade: Just observe the situation of Lins, and especially Engenho Novo, where I grew up and attended school.

That school is based on the choices we had. This choice was based on what assets we had, in a State in which we would should be assigned to one side and the criminals and and law enforcement on the other side of the equation. But we never had this here. The 9th Military Police Battalion sold us out to the traffic and militias, each with his own right to everyone else taking their choice of who to follow.

I have observed the creation of militias since the days they were known as polícia mineira  where if I am not mistaken the whole thing began, and remains active in Rio das Pedras, later turning up in Guerenguê other communities of Jacarepaguá. An old woman appeared at the Renascer community, created by military police who liveed in the region and expelled the traffic with their .765 pistols and 12-gauge shotguns for 15 anos.

I know that the militia kills, that it extorts, that it expropriates land and builds cold water flats for rent. I also know of the assaults on residents that violate some private militia code and ends up creating sympathizers with the traffic. The Falcon in Oswaldo Cruz has killed more potheads than chickens and I personally see no reason to matou to kill the working father of a family for smoking a reefer.

I am attacking the traffic was well because they are the ones zoning the community — PMs attack the traffic now because it is the traffic that is zoning the community. Some return to the militia and occupy a place in a UPP — Police Pacification Unit — with a record of misconduct that they will have to answer for on this Web site, this cheap little rag of mine, I don’t have to take sides. I am here on the side of those who have no voice or any way of expressing themselves.

I have a suggestion for the gentleman who wrote me and politely criticized my position: I do not live in the community, I do not know what happens there, the things I write are already know by local residents, if you feel this site is not representing you, write and explain your difficulty, I will look into it with my sources and my reading public.

My hat is off to a colleague willing to risk himse4lf even that much.

I maintain the lowest of profiles in the most tranquil of neighborhoods and write mainly pra inglês ver,so I do not worry too much about ever receiving the double-tap to the nape of the neck that has marked the end of too many colleagues.