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Notícias Rio Brasil | Pro- or Anti-Militia?


The voice of a modest community newspaper in Rio on the militia phenomenon.

Rio – We at Notícias Rio Brasil have registered a number of complaints involving the movements of the drug trade. Those of use who do not care for the control the militia has over various parts of Rio — especially in the areas known as “pacified,” where pacification is yet not really reaching the people, contary to their desire to turn Jacarépaguá into a new Complex do Alamão.

In this context I have defended the actions of the militia on occasions as the lesser of two evils. Living with crack addicts in the streets, with assaults and car robberies, all of which tend to end in death. All of this comes included with the drug trade: Just observe the situation of Lins, and especially Engenho Novo, where I grew up and attended school.

That school is based on the choices we had. This choice was based on what assets we had, in a State in which we would should be assigned to one side and the criminals and and law enforcement on the other side of the equation. But we never had this here. The 9th Military Police Battalion sold us out to the traffic and militias, each with his own right to everyone else taking their choice of who to follow.

I have observed the creation of militias since the days they were known as polícia mineira  where if I am not mistaken the whole thing began, and remains active in Rio das Pedras, later turning up in Guerenguê other communities of Jacarepaguá. An old woman appeared at the Renascer community, created by military police who liveed in the region and expelled the traffic with their .765 pistols and 12-gauge shotguns for 15 anos.

I know that the militia kills, that it extorts, that it expropriates land and builds cold water flats for rent. I also know of the assaults on residents that violate some private militia code and ends up creating sympathizers with the traffic. The Falcon in Oswaldo Cruz has killed more potheads than chickens and I personally see no reason to matou to kill the working father of a family for smoking a reefer.

I am attacking the traffic was well because they are the ones zoning the community — PMs attack the traffic now because it is the traffic that is zoning the community. Some return to the militia and occupy a place in a UPP — Police Pacification Unit — with a record of misconduct that they will have to answer for on this Web site, this cheap little rag of mine, I don’t have to take sides. I am here on the side of those who have no voice or any way of expressing themselves.

I have a suggestion for the gentleman who wrote me and politely criticized my position: I do not live in the community, I do not know what happens there, the things I write are already know by local residents, if you feel this site is not representing you, write and explain your difficulty, I will look into it with my sources and my reading public.

My hat is off to a colleague willing to risk himse4lf even that much.

I maintain the lowest of profiles in the most tranquil of neighborhoods and write mainly pra inglês ver,so I do not worry too much about ever receiving the double-tap to the nape of the neck that has marked the end of too many colleagues.