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Rio | “UPP of the Militiamen”


Source: R7 

The home of a military policeman (MP ) from the Shock Battalion is allegedly being used as a sort of “UPP of the Militiamen” according to neighbors in Praça Seca, in the Western Zone of Rio.

A UPP is a unidade da polícia pacificadora — pacification policing unit a community-based policing program designed to gradually normalize law enforcement in areas where it is lacking.

Suspicions are that men with ties to former PM Luiz Monteiro are trying to retake control over the Bateau Mouche and Covanca communities, which are currently controlled by the drug trade.

The residence pointed to as the “UPP of the Militia” is simple, painted blue and white, which are the official colors of the  Rio PM. Allegedly, the space serves as a base and a dormitory for militia members.

According to an official note from the PM, the Shock Batttalion sergeant who owns the property was relieved of street duty and is performing administrative duties while invesetigations proceed.

Operation in Covanca

Teams from the elite BOPE squad exited the community of Covanca, Western Zone, on Friday night after spending the weekend searching the community for criminals. On Friday, Sgt. Marco Antônio Gripp died in an exchange of gunfire with drug dealers. There were no confrontations on Saturday and Sunday.

Investigations show that at least 60 drug trade members are hidden in the rainforest in Maciço da Tijuca. In the gang headed by Luiz Cláudio Machado, aka”Sledgehammer,there are criminals from the Lins and Alemão complexes and Jacarezinho. In order to remain in the forest, they are using an electricity generator and techniques of jungle survival.

UPP of the Militia Sergeant Relieved of Duty

Rio de Janeiro – Sergeant Ronald César Força, of the Shock Battalion, accused of mounting and running the “UPP da Milícia” in Praça Seca, was relieved of street duty by the PM.


Source: O Dia

Yesterday, September 23, the Rio daily O Dia showed how the policeman had transformed a family home on Rua Parintins, in Chacrinha, into a militia base led by ex-seargeant  Luiz Monteiro Doem. He painted the home blue and white — the colors of the state PM — and painted the expression “UPP” over the door and the side of the building, in a reference to the Police Pacification program.

According to O Dia, Sgt. Força is the subject of a PM inquiry based on an initial investigation by the PM intelligence service in June. This Monday, was questioned again. The trooper is accused of transporting weapons and militiamen from the Doem gang, as well as using the house to host paramilitaries from other neighborhoods.

Col. Cláudio Costa of the PM PR office, said that Ronald César Força will perform office work while the IPM is in force. He formerly worked as a motorcycle cup and even worked some of the June protests. The IPM is confidential and has a time limit of 40 days.

Another investigation into the sergeant’s involvement with the Praça Seca militias was opened yesterday by Marcus Vinícius Braga, of the 28th Precinct. He had been inside the building and noted the “UPP” inscribed on it, and called for an expert from the criminalistics lab to examine it.

Favela da Chacrinha is one of the poor communities in Jacarepaguá monitored by PMs ever since the death of a BOPE lieutenant there on Friday. Yesterday, the PM said it discovered campsites and houses used by bandits to take refuge in the area.