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Rio | Progress In Solving Monkey Face Murder


The disappearance of a 42-year-old construction worker after being taken into custody by military police has become a powerful rallying point among local residents.

At this point, DNA is being run to determine whether a skeleton found in Montese, an adjacent district, is that of the missing resident

Source: Jornal O Globo.

RIO – On Monday, the homicide division of the Rio state police will deliver the report on its investigation  of the disappearance of construction worker Amarildo de Souza.

Amarildo was last seen on July 14, when he was taken by military police t o the headquarters of the Pacification Police Unit (UPP) in Rocinha for during the police operation “Armed Peace.”

According to the homicide division, at least five police, among them major Edson Santos, former commander of the Rocinha, will be charged with kidnapping resulting in death. A petition for the preventive custody of the suspects will be filed.

Preventive custody, according to police and prosecutorial sources, will be requested because witnesses to the crime have been coerced, bribed and intimidated during the investigations. The report comes two months after being taken on by the homicide division. Investigators says Amarildo was taken on Sunday evening by PMs Douglas Roberto Vital Machado — aka Monkey Face  — Jorge Luiz Gonçalves Coelho, Marlon Campos Reis amd Victor Vinícius Pereira da Silva. Monkey Face, investigators found, was an enemy of Amarildo’s family and approached him as he was leaving a birosca near his home.

Even though residents say they asked the PM to leave Amarildo alone,  PM Vital communicated by radio to Major Santos, who ordered him brought back to headquarters.

At the time the major said that Amarildo had been freed approximately 10 minutes after arriving at the UPP, in the Ecological Park, in the upper reaches of the hillside and known as Portão Velho. The major said Amarildo descended the stairway to Rua Dioneia, but that due to an outage in the security cameras at the location there was no record of his departure. Assistant precinct captain Ruchester Marreiros of the 15th Precinct concluded in his report that the victim had been kidnapped and killed after leaving the UPP. This version was contest, however, by the precinct commander, Orlando Zaccone.

Accusations of Torture

Investigations have shown that a third camera on Rua Dioneia, near the stairs, was functioning the night of the crime, but did not reveal any sign that Amarildo passed by the location.

Residents and witnesses also denounced casos of torture during “Operation Armed Peache.” They say that PMs pressured residents to reveal where the traffic hid its weapons and drugs Yesterday, criminalist Flávia Medeiros said the biological material collected from a charred skeleton found last Sunday in Montese, as O Dia reported will be tested for a possible DNA match with Amarildo.

Part of the material evidence is reportedly the GPS records of the police cruiser used in the crime. Stay tuned.