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Trensalão | Consultants Laundered $52 Million?


Source: Jornal da Mídia.

A snipper of the top story in today’s Folha de S. Paulo. Pro-government bloggers jumped on the story quickly — within the hour, with the complete text — whereas Folha’s crack blogger Josias de Souza waited for the ink on the infographic — above — to dry. I wonder what diagramming tools they use.

Companies accused of fraud in public auctions in the rail transport system of the state of S’ao Paulo paid R$ 52 million in consulting fees investigated by the federal police on suspicion of diverting funds to politicians and civil servants since the late 1990s.

Some of these consultancies were identified for the first time in an inquiry opened by the PF in 2008 to into the business practices of the French engineering firm Alstom and state-owned companies in the electricity and transport sectors.

This year, the PF broadened its investigations to include companies named by Siemens in a confession to antitrust regulator CADE and said to have participated in the results of various auctions held by the Metro subway authority and the CPTM commuter rail system between 1998 and 2008 .

The PF says that it examined the financial transactions of four suspect consultancies and found that they received remittances from Alstom and two other companies accused of cartel formation, Bombardier of Canada and Brazil’s Tejofran.

The police are working with the hypothesis that these consultancies simulated the provision of services and were used to distribute bribes to politicians and civil servants with ties to the PSDB, which has governed the state since 1995

As the infograph shows, the consultants under suspicion head such companies as

  1. MCA
  2. ENV
  3. AcquaLux
  4. BJG

Look those up in the Junta Comercial, but do not expect an enlightening experience from its Web site.

For God’s sake, they return search results in PDF format rather than plain text! Besides, the company may be tucked away in some distant jurisdiction as Acre or Rondônia, who knows?

The article continues,

According to the PF, Alstom paid MCA  — owned by Romeu Pinto Jr –R$ 45.7 million at around the same time as these transactions. The money was deposited in Swiss accounts controlled from Brazil. .

In statements to police and prosecutors in 2009 and 2012, the consultant said he did not provide the services indicated on the receipts turned over to Alstom and he was used to distribute bribes. Pinto Júnior said he handed the money over to motoboys and does not know who received it next.

PF reports on the financial transactions of these companies show that ALstom also transferred R$ 4.8 milhões to ENV, owned by Geraldo Villas Boas, to Acqua-Lux, controlled by Sabino Indelicato, a figure with ties to Robson Marinho, a chancellor of the state accounting tribunal.

Marinho was chief of staff to Mario Covas between 1995 and 1997 and is investigated in a separate case because he has the right to a privilleged forum.

Bombardier and Tejofran paid R$ 1.5 million between 2005 and 2009 to the BJG consultancy, controlled by former state metro transport secretary José Fagali Neto, who became the object of a police investigation after deposits were made in his name by Alstom in a deposit in his name in Switzerland.

A Swiss court froze US$ 6.5 million deposited offshore after finding Fagali Neto’s name on Alstom documents that referred to the payment of bribes in Brazil. .

As the Folha revealed on September 23, Fagali Neto would receive information on state government plans to a ranking official at the secretariat of metro transport, Pedro Benvenuto, who resigned after being accused.

PF agent Milton Fornazari, in charge of the case, arrested Fagali Neto and the other three consultants on suspicion of active corruption. Fagali Neto said he can prove that his consultancies really existed.

The FSP seems to have forgotten to get reactions from the persons named.