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Security Council | Ten Years of Minustah


Source: Brasil de Fato.

Organizations denounce deviation from mission. Brazilian colonel admits that withdrawing troops is a way out that would improve life on the Caribbean island.

By Guilherme Almeida,

The township of Brasiléia, in Acre , continues to be the port of entry for the dozens of Haitians who immigrate illegally to Brazil everyday. The earthquake and cholera outbreak that hit the island in 2010 have intensified the fflow. Currently, around 20 persons arrive in Acre every day.

To understand this pattern, it is necessary to understand the island in terms of its past and present. Haiti  is considered one of the poorest nations in the Amerias. According to Lúcia Skromov and Sonéca of the Comitê Pró-Haiti,  this poverty is no accident. “Haiti is poor because it has been impoverished. They suffer economic embargos. This, together with recurrent natural disasters, prevents the country from achieving any kind of stability,” according to the rapper Sonéca.

Researcher Lúcia Skromov digs deeper into the causes of this process. “Haiti was a protagonist in a double revolution: the abolition of slavery by the slaves themselves and independence. It suffers the consequences down to the present day,” she says.  Continue reading


Rocinha | Bribes Paid in Disappearance Case?


Source: O Globo.

Military police major Edson Santos, former commander of the police pacification unit (UPP) in Rocinha, in Rio de Janerio, is suspected of diverting funds set aside for the standardization of motorcycle taxi service in the community in order to bribe witnesses who, in exchange for R$2,000 a month, would attribute the disappearance of assistant bricklayer Amarildo de Souza to the drug traffic.

The information emerged from a homicide division investigation into the disappearance of a local resident. The money comes from a company that sponsors community improvements in the area.  Continue reading