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Torture & the PM| Amarildo Is Found


Source: O Globo.

RIO – Amarildo de Souza was submitted to electrical shocks and asphyxiated with  a plastic sack.

I did not read where the human remains being tested in the case had been definitively identified.

According to the Rio homicide bureau, whose investigation  led to the indictment of 10 military police for the death of the assistant bricklayer, Amarildo was epileptic and did not survive the torture session, which took place in the local UPP.

The investigation also found that Major Edson Santos and his subordinates intended to extract information on the location of weapons and the drug traffic in the lower part of the hillside. At least three other residents report being tortured inside the same special police unit.

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  3. Major allegedly diverted funds from UPP to bribe witnessses

Ten PMs from the UPP community policing station in Rocinha, among them Major  Edson dos Santos, were indicted for torture followed by death and concealment of a cadaver. An officer who came up through the ranks at BOPE, Santos commanded the UPP until the night of 14 July, when the local disappeared. It was Santos would told Amarildo’s family that the worker had left the UPP not long after having his ID checked.

Starting with the disappearance of Amarildo, four investigations were mounted by the state judicial police (PC). As the PC concluded the investigation into the death, the 15th precinct is looking into other torture cases relative to Operation “Armed Peace.” PC is investigating misconduct by some of its personnel during the first days of the case, which led to a conflict between the 15th Precinct’s captain, Orlando Zaccone and his former aide Ruschester Marreiros, who went so far as to demand the arrest of Amarildo’s wife, Elisabete Gomes da Silva.

PM internal affairs will run a parallel investigation, including the alleged embezzlement of UPP assets, which came to light during affidavits collected by the homicide bureau. The portion of the case relating to misappropriation of public funds will be investigated by the PM.

Rio procecutor Homero Freitas received the report on the case from the homicide bureau on Tuesday evening. It should formally charged shortly.

The policemen deny involvement in the July 14 disappearance after checking to discover that the man had no prison record.