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Globo | Espionage at Mines & Energy


Source: Jornal O Globo.

Globo has gotten its hands on another NSA-related training PowerPoint presentation through Glenn Greenwald and Sonia Bridi.

The presentation presented, step by step, a program called Olympia and how it maps the communications of a target — in this case the Brazilian mining and energy ministry. According to the annual report of the organization — known as the Five Eyes — while a wealth of data and data mining had been produced, it began with simple sources of information: a phone number and an Internet domain, in this case @mme.gov.br.

Using this software, the spies were able to sweep the communications of the ministry, indicating who called who and the number of equipment used. It also tracked electronic communications, mainly e-mail. IP addresses show the ministry  communicating with the U.K., Canadá, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Afghanistan, Iran, South Africa and Thailand with ties to the U.K., Peru, Venezuela, Poland and Singapore.


Image: C. Brayton

The theory of social network analysis can extract important information, merely by focusing on nodes in their condition as brokers, coordinators, gatekeepers, representatives … Many linkers to Luis Nassif, for example, also link to Marxismo21.org …

 “Fantástico” was able to trace the destination of one of these calls: OLADE,the Latin American Energy Organization (Olade), from Ecuador. As the program showed, one of the IP numbers mapped was that of a former Brazilian ambassador to Canada, currently working in the Middle East department of the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Document suggests partnership with Americas.

The report goes on to say that there is no indication that the content of the communications monitored had been accessed. It is known only who spoke with who, when, where and how long. The presentation does provide instructions on the next steps to be taken by the intelligence consortium that attended the conference.

Among those chosen for consideration is from a group called (Taylored Access Operations) — an elite squad of NSA cyberspies. The group might use a system called  BPoA, with cannot be detected to deepen its penetration. The document also suggests more detailed data and an invasion method called “man on the side” [sic ] which consists of having a computer sitting beside another, copying its data, without altering them.

In a note to “Fantástico”, the NSA said the U.S. is reviewing its intelligence activities, as promised by President Obama at the UN. On that occasion, Obama said the program was being revised to concentrate on terrorism.. For its part, the Canadian Embassy has no comments.

In June, the first revelations about U.S. spying showed that for seven years the agency has gathered information on the telephones of American citizens, identifying the data, hour and location of calls made from the U.S. On the Internet, the investigation affects both Americans and foreigners, by tracing emails, chat services, videos, photos, downloads, passwords and stored data. All thanks to “strategic partnerships” with companies like Microsoft and with the backing of the White House.