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Ramonet & Nassif | “The Explosion of Journalism”


Source:: Comunique-se

The Explosion of Journalism | From the Media for Masses to the Masses in Media. This is the title of the most recent book by Spanish sociologist and journalist Ignacio Ramonet.

At R$ 27, the book undercuts my usual excuse for not reading ink on paper much any more: that Brazilian books are too expensive.

The topic of the work, which is being distributed in Brazil by Editora Publisher, will serve as the basis for a conversation with writer Luis Nassif. The debate is scheduled for tonight, October 10, in São Paulo.

Ramonet already published an extensive interview, “On The Explosion of Journalism,” with the Observatório da Imprensa in 2011.

Scheduled for 7:00 p.m. the event was organized by the Baron of Itararé Center for Alternative Media Studies.

This is a bit like naming your political party “the Party of Perpetual Per Ubuism.” 

The two journalists will attempt to explain “the challenges and transformations of communication in the digital age,” as the invitation puts it. Crises affecting vast media conglomerates and the way forward for the alternative press will also be debated.

Living in France since the 1970s, Ramonet, 70, is founder and publisher of the monthly Le Monde Diplomatique, and also collaborates with the Spanish El País.

During his career, he has received accolades for the quality of his journalism and his defense of human rights. As a writer and essayist, he has distinguished himself by the critical posture he assumes toward political propaganda in major news organizations around the world. 

“In his most recent book, Ramonet deals with the potential democratizing power of digital tools and the Internet as an environment where contra-hegemonic discourse can flourish, founded on principles of information diversity and pluralism.  In addition, he reflects on the paradigms confronted by the media establishment in the present moment,” the Barão de Itararé team says.

Ramonet will debate Luis Nassif, blogger and creator of the Jornal GGN Web site, … [it makes no difference, I missed the event already]  …