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The PT & Veja | Playing Back the CCTV


Source: VEJA

First of all, as I was taught by an Argentine  foreign correspondent I met several years back — covering the Brasilia beat for an aggressively conservative, anti-Christina broadsheet in its own right wing — you must always remember: Veja lies.

The art of Veja-watching, on the other hand, lies in puzzling out the why and how of all that lying.

The how can get especially bizarre, as when the magazine stamped its cover with mug-shot graphics of senior governmental officials along with the supposed balance of their supposed Swiss bank accounts — even the director of the Brazilian FBI.

The expert document examiner they used had a history of perjury. The magazine never retracted the implication. See

Veja is less a consumer magazine and more of a  disinformation juggernaut. Continue reading


Elections | Campos-Marina & The Party of Four


Some observations on the political nuptials of  Marina and Eduardo Campos and the election polls, by Luis Nassif.

In a nutshell, either candidate of the PSDB — Serra or Neves — would eventually lose to President Dilma. In a third and fourth scenario, ex-Senator Marina Silva may command enough votes to force a second round. Continue reading

Rio | Batgirl and the Barbante Massacre

Militia kill 7 to elect Rio city council member


Source: Estadão.

I have followed the case of Batman and the Justice League pretty closely at various moments in this blog.

This most recent clipping is part of an extensive special section in this weekend’s Estado de S. Paulo on deadly political violence over the past 30 years. See