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Rio | A Bad Day at DETRAN


Source: G1

Internal affairs agents of DETRAN-RJ, the state traffic agency of Rio de Janeiro, with support from the Public Ministry and Draco — the organized crime bureau of the state judicial police — and several state judicial police precincts, had arrested 88 persons by noon today as part of an operation against fraudulent documentation and inspections.

According to DETRAN, the criminal organization was bringing in nearly  R$ 2 million per month. “We identfied 700 cars and believe the monthly take was R$ 2 million. The bribe paid by car owners varied between R$ 50 and R$ 1,000, said Anthony Alves, head of internal affairs at Detran.

The mega-operation will serve 122 arrest warrants and 35 search and seizure warrants in 16 municipalities in the greater Rio metro area, the Baixada Fluminense, and the interior of the state. Detran says this is the largest corruption scheme in the history of the agency. 

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Politics | Mini-Reform Is Macro-Amended


Source: GGN

By: Redação RBA

Called “a mockery” and “a cosmetic measure” by left-wing party leaders, the bill ignores the central questions of political reform.

Last night, a plenary session of the lower house of Congress voted to approve a political “mini-reform” that changes absolutely nothing about the current political system and carries with it changes considered superficial and cosmetic — such as a ban on painting privately-owned walls with manifestations in favor of a candidate.

Contrary to what some parties and social organizations such as the CNBB, OAB, CUT and UNE, the bill retains private financing of campaigns, and even limits the authority of the electoral tribunals in their review of accounting methods, accounting records, and itemization of party expenses.

PT leader José Guimarães (CE), said the bill is “a mockery of reform” and demanded that the bill be altered in five areas: public finance of campaigns, proportional representation, party fidelity, gender equity and a constituent assembly dedicated to political reform.

“We oppose this political reform, because it flies in the face of everything we defend, including the expectations of the Brazilian people. The political parties are useless and do not serve Brazilian society,” he said.“This is just a pile of junk, an excerise in make-believe based on the false argument that private funding cuts the cost of campaigns and does not affect the crucial issues.” Continue reading

Cartel Investigation | Underwhelming, Says FSP


If only all politicians were like this

Source: Folha de S.Paulo

In the parlance of political marketing, “vaccine” is the name given to a publicity campaign or other measures produced with the goal of immunizing the candidate against attacks to which he may later be subject during the political campaign.

Take the example of the PSDB’s TV spot, which aired this week. The clip begins with a presenter saying that authorities should not hide when problems arise. She then states that Governor Geraldo Alckmin “has served as an example of this in the case of the private cartels.”

Next, Alckmin appears, declaring himself interested in getting at the entire truth of the case and, with a firm expression on his face, affirming he will “get to the bottom” of this matter. In conclusion, the presenter, in firm tones, proclaims “If only all elected officials were like this.”

Indeed. But reality, as we know has a habit of diverging from publicity. Continue reading