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Jornal Nacional Tip-Toes Around The Trensalão


At top left, «documents show inexplicable wealth of SP civil servants»

Source: Brasil 24/7

After the coverage in Veja magazine, it was the turn of the principal TV news broadcaster in Brazil  to report on the “trensalão of the Toucans.” This was the Jornal Nacional’s first report on the corruption scheme involving concessions for the São Paulo state subway and commuter rail systems.

It said it had access to federal police documents indicating suspect financial transactions by ex-civil servants of the Covas, Serra and Alckmin governments. According to the JN, some 20 persons received bribes in exchange for fixing auctions of subway won by the French firm Alstom.

247 – TV Globo’s Jornal Nacional reported on Saturday, in a four-minute segment, on the accusations involving the PSDB goverments of Covas, Alckmin and Serra and the works contractor Alstom.

Based on documents of thee Polícia Federal, the report mentions suspicious of bribe-taking by 20 civil servants and 5 companies, as part of a scheme to pay bribes on behalf of Alstom in an auction for the purpose of subway equipment for the São Paulo subway. 

According to the news broadcast, Policia Federal experts, who compared information on net income with the assets declared on income tax reports by 20 persons and 5 companies, between 2000 and 2008, discovered an increase in assets not compatible with the income of five persons.

They are: Celso Sebastião Cerchiari, director of the state-owned power utility CESP between 1999 and 2006, and currently working in the privatized sector of the company; Miguel Carlos Kozma,  president of  Metrô subway system between October 2001 and April of 2003, passing aay in 2011; Romeu Pinto Júnior, manager of the MCA consultancy MCA, which is suspected of paying bribes to government officials; and Sabino Indelicato, who, according to the PF, owns Aqualux, a company suspected of acting as the middleman in the payment of bribes.

Press observers from the left object to the failure to mention the most powerful political figure indicted in the scheme, former presidential aide Andrea Matarazzo.

The JN cites a circumspect report in Veja magazine, which published a copy of the accounts of Jorge Fagali Neto, Secretary of Metro Transportaion during the state government of  Luiz Antonio Fleury Filho (PMDB) and the brother of José Jorge Fagali, a former president of the  Metrô. The PF say that between 2004 and 2007, Jorge Fagali Neto’s networth increased to a degree incompatible with his earnings.

Last month, a court ordered the release of the confidential  fiscal and banking information of Jorge Fagali Neto, Romeu Pinto Júnior and Sabino Indelicato and another eight persons in order to determine whether they had offshore bank accounts.

The investigation targets preferred not film an interview with the JN, but the state government says it is investigating and charges and, if some misconduct is detected, the civil servants will be held responsibile for their behavior. The state chapter of the PSDB declared its confidence in the investigations of the suspect civil servants, e o PSDB paulista gave its vote of confidence to the investigations conducted by the state government into possible formation of cartel by private firms, as well as the exemplary punishment of guilty parties, if any.

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