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SP | Federal R$ For Urban Tranport

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Source: G1 | Globo SP

President Dilma Rousseff announced on Friday, at the Bandeirantes Palace, seat of the São  Paulo state government, that R$ 5.4 billion would be allocated to public works in the area of urban mobility in the greater Sâo Paulo metro area.

The funds will be invested in expanding Line 2 of the Metrô (Vila Prudente roVila Formosa), the expansion of CPTM Line 9, a commuter rail line that serves the Southern Zone, the construction of an urban railway in the area of the Guarulhos airport, as well as modernization of 19 metropolitan commuter rail lines.

According to the federal government, the Union plans to invest R$ 21 billion in urban mobility in the state, all told. Added to state funds, this entails R$ 33 billion in investments.

The president said it would be impossible for states and municipalities to carry out public works without the support of cheap credit with the guarantee of the federal government. The financing matures in 30 years, with a five year grace period and subsidized interest.

Of the R$ 5.4 billion, the federal union, according to the state government will finance $ 1.34 billion; The national development bank (BNDES) will lend R$ 1.5 billion – and another  R$ 2.56 billion will be raised from sources not yet defined.

Before arriving in São Paulo, Dilma posted to her Twitter account the sum of resources destined by the federal union to the state of São Paulo. She said that local governments cannot carry out public works without this reinforcement.

The president also stressed that these resources are part of the government’s effort to answer the demands of the June protests, which had partly to do with public transport.

“The movements of June were not just about the 20 centavos Os movimentos de junho não foram apenas pelos 20 centavos [the rate hike foreseen at the time in transport fares, which wound up being suspended.] They were a cry for more rights,” [she thumb-typed]. She also returned to the five agreements signed with mayors, governors, and congress members.“Offering quality urban transport at a fair price is a challenge that mayors and governors face.,” she stated.


In July of this year, Governor Geraldo Alckmin and Mayor Fernando Haddad met with the federal planning minister, Miriam Belchior, in order to solicit federal funding for urban mobility. Together, they asked for R$ 17.3 billion between the state and the municipality.

The June protests led the president to go on national TV to announce five pacts arrived at with governors and mayors in order to satisfy the needs of the man in the street. One of the pacts signed by Dilma was to improve the condidtion of urban transport in the cities.


Dentre as obras a serem executadas com os R$ 5,4 bilhões anunciados por Dilma, a linha 13-Jade, de trem urbano, terá 12 km de extensão e vai ligar a estação Engenheiro Goulart, da Linha 12-Safira, ao Aeroporto de Cumbica, em Guarulhos.

A extensão da Linha 9-Esmeralda vai acrescentar mais 4,5 km em direção a Zona Sul a partir do Grajaú. Serão construídas as estações Mendes-Vila Natal e Varginha.

O prolongamento da Linha 2-Verde do Metrô contempla o trecho Vila Prudente-Dutra, com 14,4 km de extensão e 13 novas estações. As obras devem começar em 2014