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“Kassab Washed His Hands of Me”


Source: Diário do Centro do Mundo

““Kassab knew of the appointment of my client,” the attorney of the former official accused of taking part in a bribery scheme says.

Rogério Martins, attorney for Carlos Augusto Di Lallo Leite do Amaral, one of four civil servants accused in a bribery scheme inside the city government, told DCM that ex-mayor Gilberto Kassab knew of his client’s appointment  to the office he held in the Kassab administration.

“Carlos occupied a politically sensitive position of trust — he was director of the Real Estate Registration Division. Kassab knew of the appointment. It was presented to him as a decision for which the mayor was responsible. His appointment was published in the Official Diary. And now Kassab is washing his hands. For the third time there is a major scandal involving the Kassab administration and he simply says he was not aware.”

Interviewed by the Folha‘s Mônica Bergamo, Kassab said that the accused are “technicians, career civil servants who were not nominated by me. I am certain that the former secretaries, who are upright citizens, will collaborate to the utmost with the investigation.

The operation ran from 2007 to 2012 and swindled R$  500 million. Bribes were used to permit homebuilders to receive their receipt of ISS — a tax on services. Without the approval from the fiscal inspectors, buildings could not be delivered.

The one-time inspectors were arrested in their homes. Also searched wasan office on the Largo da Misericórdia, in the Sé subprefecture,which served as a base for meetings with executives from the major works contractors. 

The police also paid visit to a seaside inn in Visconde de Mauá (RJ), owned by Lallo. “Carlos would remind you that he has owned that inn for 17 years and that it is the fruit of his honest labor,” Martins says “We are going to the prosecutor and the judge to try to understand the purpose of these arrests.”