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Rio Moves Against Militia


Source: VEJA.

Ten suspected militia members arrested in Duque de Caxias

The government says the group is know for engaging in murders, extortion, weapons smuggling and residential invasion robberies. During the first attempt to combat the militiamen, the criminals killed all of the prosecution witnesses.

Police are carrying out an operation this morning to combat one of the most dangerous militias of Rio de Janeiro.

The special investiagion squad of DRACO, the anti-mafia division of the state, is serving 23 warrants in the city of Duque de Caxias, in the Baixada Fluminense. Dubbed Capa Preta (“black cape”) II, the operation netted 10 alleged militia members, including former city council member Jonas Gonçalves da Silva, aka “Jonas é Nós”. Of the 23 warrants, 12 name military police and ex-cops, as well as two Brazilian Marines.

The Rio SSP — secretary of public safety — began combating this militia in 2007. The group is known for the assassinations it commits and the practice of torture, menacing, loan-sharking, the illegal resale of food subsidies at abusive prices, residential robberies and extortion. The name of the operation recalls the first Capa Preta, from 2010. That year all the prosecution witnesses against the militia were killed, reinforcing the reputation for cruelty of the paramilitaries.

Taking part in the action was the anti-mafia DRACO and CSI — the office of security and intel of the state Public Ministry — as well as the intelligence sector of the military police and the intelligence unit of the SSP. The warrants were issued by a lower court in  Duque de Caxias which found evidence of forming an armed band for the commission of heinous crimes.

In jail at this hour: Fábio Delfino de Oliveira, Eder Fabio Gonçalves da Silva — aka “Fábio É Nós” — Samuel Felipe Dantas de Farias, Jonas Gonçalves da Silva, Fábio Grama Miranda, Jorge Luiz Moreira de Souza, José Gomes da Rocha Neto — aka Kiko — Wander Lucio Pereira Gomes, Roberto Wagner Lima de Castro, and Lucio Rocha Loyola.

In the late morning, police closed down a black market cable TV and Internet operation and seized documents indicating the practice of loan-sharking. The officer in charge of DRACO, Alexandre Capote, said the center had more than 10,000 subscribers. Capote added that the leader of the gang is a former city council member ad that it was his son who called the shots. Both men were arrested. The two will be accused of crimes such as formed an armed criminal group and extorsion. Convicted, they could receive 24 years in prison.

“This gang is highly daring. They killed several witnesses in a criminal trial in 2010, as well as Draco informants. To investigate them, therefrore, we used all the investigative tools imaginable, with witnesses and other things ,” said Alexandre Capote.