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Ze Dirceu and the Senator From Wisconsin


Source:  GGN.

By Mottta Araujo

Topic: McCarthyism and the “Monthly Payola of the PT” case

Joseph McCarthy was U.S. Senator elected by the state of Wisconsin in 1947. A career judge, he compensated for his own mediocrity and lack of legal insight with brusque decisions, known for their rapidity. 

Arriving at the Senate in 1947, his brilliance was not notable until he allied himself with a tendency that capitalized on PATRIOTISM, creating the idea that a Communist conspiracy had taken root at the State Department, He destroyed the careers of veteran diplomats by labeling them as Communist sympathizers, with no evidence to prove it. Even so, his hysterical, unhinged rhetoric INTIMIDATED the Senado. No one had the courage to face him because he attacked anyone who crossed him by hinting that they were helping the Communists and might be one themselves. McCarthy created HUAC, the House Un-American Activities Committee, and ruled it without limits or controls.

The first McCarthy speech to incite violence was in February 1958 and targeted diplomats. He next turned the artillery of patriotism on performing artists, film directors, journalists, writers, screenwriters and scientists: More than 1,000 persons were submitted to interrogation whose constant theme was “the Red menace.” These attacks led to an enormous number of personal tragedies, with careers destroyed, living in exile, like the story of Charles Chaplin, who lived in the U.S. for 34 years. The attacks grew more and more aggressive and hysterical, at times leading to suicide, like that of Senator Lester Hunt. Then, however, McCarthy began to attack the Army and his influence began to wane.

Lacking any notion of limits, McCarthy was aggressive but not very intelligent, and failed to see that the Army was a more more powerful adversary which convinced the Senate that his theories and evidence were false and that much of his rhetoric based on flights of imagination, In a motion dated December 2, 1954, by a vote of 67 to 22, the Senate voted to CENSURE — a rare occurrence that means the end of the politician’s political career. McCarthy died three years later of what was listed as liver disease but was in fact hepatis.

Translation to follow.

McCarthy had a remarkable political trajectory, supported by the media estabishment, feared by all, even White House, but no one confronted him even after they had realized what a bum he was. To this day, in the U.S., the question of why  McCarthy was allowed to go as far as he did in ruining the good name of so many worthy persons. The most plausible is the fear that anyone who opposed him would be labeled by him as ANTI-PATRIOTIC. As the philosopher says, ” The world would be much better off if just persons had the audacity of the scum of the earth.” 

The trial of the “monthly payola” case was completely focused in the direction of a political lynching.  

The sentences are an aberration in the Brazilian system of justice. How can Marcos Valério be sentenced to 40 years — double the average penalty for murder.  The goalkeeper Bruno killed a young woman and had also  disappeared with the remains of another, and came close to killing the man’ son, is serving half the time as the operator of the “payola” scheme. A secretary at Valerio’s ad agency received 10 years when it was obvious that she was there to work and do what she is told by the boss. The legal theory  of “dominion of the fact” is a legal freak of nature; someone dreamed this idea up, but it was far from enjoying significant acceptance, It was a venerable technicality reactivated for this case, had never been applied to corruption cases and will now see if and how it plays out in the scandal of the tax inspectors.

The verdict delivered by a collegial body such as the Supreme Court, in order to be viewed as legitimate, must obey all the traditional rites, in which each justice delivers his or her verdict and then the votes are tallied. For the Supreme Court to contest the votes of other judges is unparalled. So are the discourteous and agressive tone, which cast doubt on the proceedings. McCarthy also did this: he allowed no questioning of his policy position, and those who crossed him was subject to crude attacks, the source of power of a mediocre man who terrorized his fellow Senators by introducing the theory that “anyone who opposes me is unpatriotic and sold out to the Communists”

This moral terrorism, supported by TIME magazine and the daily Chicago Tribune, which  guaranteed him four years of glorification in the media. He was a national celebrity, appeared on the covers of magazines, From the very beginning, however, many superior minds perceived the falsity and demagogy o  McCarthy. None, however, had the daring …


mas ninguém tinha sua ousadia, essa era sua maior arma, tipos como McCarthy avançam sem limites enquanto ninguém lhe barra a passagem, esse processo é relativamente comum nas democracias, cometas que surgem do nada e chocam pela novidade, pelo imprevisivel, pela surpresa, pela audacia sem limites, pela prepotencia até esfumarem no ar.

Qualquer semelhança é mera coincidência, como diziam os filmes da MGM.


As for me, I reckon that Dirceu is suffering the consequence of his Cuban espionage training before returning to Brazil in the early 1970s, Washington does not forget, and here was a Cuba-trained operator who rose to ultimate power. The politics of Brazilian secret services, discussed openly in social form, rivals McCarthy and his Brazilian apprentice, Carlos Lacerda of the UDN