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Militia | Man and Monster

Source: O Globo.

RIO — Between 2005 and 2009, military police troop Rodrigo Nogueira, 32, used his uniform and the weapons issued him by the PM to extort money, torture drug dealers, buy and sell the freedom of vicous armed robbers, participate in a militia and kill people in cold blood. This is the plot of his essay How monsters are born — the story of a former Rio de Janeiro PM (Editora Topbooks), published last month.

Rodrigo was arrested in November 2009 and convicted of attempted murder and extortion. For the first time, a former PM publicly admits to committing such heinous atrocities. In his book, he creates the character of the protagonist Private Rafael, who narrates the story in the first person.

Though he admits to a number of crimes, he denies committing the crime that led him to a 30-year prison sentence. An itinerant street vendo accused him of extorting, raping and then shooting her in the face “She was submitted to a rape kit which showed there was no sexual battery,” says Rodrigo, in an exchange of  letters with journalists.

Translation to come …

The book, with its 606 pages, was written in nine months. In the narrative, troooper Rafael recounts the metamorphosis of a human being into a monster after committing his first cold-blooded murder. The victim was thief who had been run over by a car. The police kill him and stage a phony shoot-out story. 

In his book, Rodrigo recounts in how he sold an AK-47 assault rifle apprehended after a clash with drug traffickers in Morro do Borel, in Tijuca. The buyer was the head of a militia group. Although he says he refused an invivation to join the crew, the former cop also related how he participated in a militia operation in a shantytown in an assault on a group of traffickers, the head of whose leader was cut off. 

“The military police are not worth the damage they cause,” wrote trooper Rafael, who began his career extorting the take from young thieves and bicycle gangs and even played a role in the kidnapping of one of the most prominent drug kingpin, a man known as Rufinol  but whose real identity is probably Roupinol, the nome de guerre of Rogério Rios Mosqueira, one of the major suppliers in Rio and operating out of the São Carlos shantytown, in Estácio.

Blatant Bribery

When police failed to kidEles foram executados depois que se percebeu que não tinham informações que levassem aos chefes da quadrilha.nap a drug kingpin, they began to extort the traffic, with payments made on a weekly basis and delivered by uniformed troopers and officers, in full view. In one of his stories, Rafael recalls he and his team invaded a favela, took over the packaging operation, and torturing two unarmed traffickers. These were executed once it became clear that they had no useful information for the head of the militia. 

Na entrevista, o ex-PM Rodrigo confessa que raramente os policiais que liberam bandidos ou vendem armas a traficantes avaliam o mal que estão causando à sociedade: “O policial que comete esse tipo de crime não pensa nisso. Só o que importa é o lucro”. O PM Rafael, por exemplo, diz no livro que uma vez negociou a liberdade de um ladrão que fora flagrado, na porta de um banco, esperando para assaltar um cliente. Os alvos de extorsão podem ser também, como mostra o texto, usuários de drogas abordados logo após deixarem uma boca de fumo. Num dos casos, os PMs corruptos arrecadaram R$ 10 mil e US$ 2.500 após flagrarem um empresário norueguês com papelotes de cocaína.

“Alguém precisava dar real entendimento ao que acontece dentro dos quartéis da PMERJ, quais são os fatores que transformam homens comuns, pais de família, em assassinos alucinados”, diz Rodrigo.