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Twilight of the DEMagogues | Arruda Convicted


Source: GGN.

Former federal district governor José Roberto Arruda, federal legislator Jaqueline Roriz (PMN-DF) and two others were pronounced guily today for their involvement in the scheme known as the “(monthly) payola of the DEM.”

The decision was handed down by a lower court and the defendants will not be subjected to the “clean slate” law governing official misconduct and the right to stand for election. They were sentenced to pay R$ 1.1 million in fines, partly as restitution and partly for damages. They will also be ineligible to run for public office for eight years. An appeal is pending, however, and this part of the sentence could be suspended.

Also pronounced guilty were the husband of Jacqueline Roriz, Manoel Neto, and the man who blew the whistle onthe scheme, Durval Barbosa, who benefited from special treatment for aiding the investigation and was not punished. All were found guilty of administration malfeasance in a federal district court, and the sentence can be appealed.

Epoca magazine published a useful backgrounder on the case, which had apparently been forgotten until now — unlike AP470, the “payola of the PT” affair.

Jaqueline Roriz was caught red-handed receiving cash from Durval Barbosa. In its case, the prosecutor accuses Jaqueline Roriz and her husband of receiving bribes from Durval Barbosa personally in exchange for supporting the candidacy of  José Roberto Arruda for governor of the federal district. In an affidavit addressed to the court, Durval Barbosa confirmed all of the initial suspicions.

Arruda is already fighting a conviction in another bribery case in which he received R$ 400,000 related to a building permit of some sort.