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«Globo Downplays FIFA Association»


Source: Brasil 24/7

Globo, the official broadcaster of the World Cup, has already brought in R$ 1.4 billion in advertising revenues for event coverage.

Despite this, last week TV Globo issued a recommendation to its journalists to avoid “positive spin” on the event.

In a memo circulated among staff, Globo calls for balanced coverage of the championship and asks that irregularities also be covered. These guidelines appear to apply mainly to the staff of the Jornal Nacional. It is no accident that the network’s flagship news program affords daily coverage of delayed public works and the rising cost of stadiums.

News of the internal policy were broken by Daniel Castro of the Web site  Notícias da TV. Castro says that reports depicting how the Cup is benefiting certain classes of individuals, such as shopkeepers in the neighborhood of the Cup stadiums, are no longer being reported by the Jornal Nacional. Castro said that “Globo journalists took these instructions to mean that the Copa should not be hyped lest Globo be associated with FIFA, the organizer of the Cup.”

But Globo is, in fact, a business partner with Fifa. “Not just as owner of the broadcast rights but also as a the licensor of 1,700 products associated with the tournament, worth an estimated R$ 2 billion in retail sales,” Castro recalls.

Globo is also attempting to avoid being the target of protests, should street demonstrations like those of last June and July emerge against the Cup broadcasts. In 2013, the company faced a multitude of protests all over Brazil, and some of its journalists have been treated in a hostile manner during the major marches.

Last weekend,  Brasil 247 was the first to report Globo’s contradictory behavior. In a story headlined “Globo and the Cup: profits in one hand, stones in the other,” 247 showed that the latest cover of [Globo’s] Epoca magazine about a purported “World Cup risk” reflects the political face of the Globo organization:

«As far as the Marinho brothers go, the  more protests the better; they view it as an opportunity to promote a changing of the guard at the the presidential palace.» In terms of its business plan, Globo has another strategy: as owner of the broadcast rights, the broadcaster will enjoy the best year in its history.