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Globo | «Tax Cheat Case Remains Active »


Source: Barão de Itararé

We now have a number and a name: [Federal Police] Investigation 926 / 2013 will be commanded by federal police officer Rubens Lyra.

The headquarters of the Federal Police’s tax enforcement division, Fabio Ricardo Ciavolih Mota, confirmed to a group of Barao reporters who went to interview him: A police investigation of tax and financial crimes allegedly committed by Globo in 2002, is formally underway.

TV Globo’s financial crimes in the Virgin Islands were initially identified by an international cooperation agency. TV Globo had used a front company to acquire the rights to broadcast the 2002 World Cup, without paying taxes. 

The agency referred its discovery to the federal prosecutor, which in turn handed it over to the tax authority. Forensic accountants gave the records a thorough going over, charging penalties and interest to the broadcaster in the amount of R$ 615 million in 2006. That amount has since grown to one billion reais.

Not long after, aggravating circumstances emerged.  Documents in the case were stolen. A lone defendant, a tax authority employee, was arrested. She is now represented by the most expensive law firms in Brazil and has been released on the strength of a habeas writ issued by Gilmar Mendes.

In developed nations, a case like this would be widely reported by the major media. Here in Brazil, the press is silent. There is a bizarre silence regarding anything to do with Globo, as though the topic were taboo.

If a cabinet minister charges a snack to his or her corporate debit card, headlines ensue, whereas a huge, complex tax evasion case involving more than R$ 1 billion, followed by the theft of the the case file, is censored by a media that seems to have missed the bus in its coverage of story.

Translation to come … 

The dictatorship made Globo rich, transforming the Marinho clan into the richest business owners in Brazil. And despite this, can it be that they orchestrate mafia schemes in order to avoid paying taxes?  The case of Globo is exemplary and should be cited as a lesson. If Brazil is to combat corruption, it will have to combat tax evasion as well. If this is truly a democracy, the richest family cannot be treated differently than any other. If the average Brazilian commits tax fraud amounting to millions [of dollars] and is caught red-handed by the tax authority, he will be mercilessly imprisoned and his case will serve as a lesson to the general public.

Why should Globo be treated any differently? Its tax evasion should be made public because it is the concessionaire of a public service that has developed into a media and financial empire in the course of its long-term support for a political coup that brought down a freely elected government.

We hope the federal police will perform their civic duty to the public interest, and that the truth commissions will look more deeply into the participation of media corporations in the political atrocities witnessed during and after the coup of 1964.

This because Globo continued to practice media coups after the redemocratization: refusing to broadcast (and lying and distorting the facts of) the marches for democracy; manipulating presidential debates; and most recently supporting a political farse by the opposition candidate (the wadded up flyer hits the candidate in the noggin incident)