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Subway Bribery | Quality and Quantity


Source: Viomundo

Headline: «Blame for mass confusion rests with the system, not straphangers»

[SIDEBAR] The trains of K Fleet, which circulate on the Red Line, presented 696 outages and technical failures within 30 days. Among these are doors that open while the train is between stations, a broken braking system, fires and even a derailment.

The subway authority has refused to allow workers access to the system of records of technical failures, known as S-GUT. The restrictions were implemented on the same day in which reports by a number of news orgnization identified safety hazards in the trains of K Fleet, which were renovated by companies allegedly involved in the formation of cartels. [The affair is known humorously as the “trainsalão of the PSDB.”]

A number of news organizations have published reports showing how a series of incidents have placed the riders and subway workers at risk. After a report on CBN radio, the subway authority, Metrô decided to restrict access to the information requested.

Until last week, at least, when unionized employees of the traffic division were able to access the S-GUT database. Based on these documents it is possible to identify the quantity and kind of outages per train, along with the date and time of the malfunction.

Barring access to company data will not guarantee an end to system failures. In hiding the information, the Metrô is covering up indications of corruption that directly affect the public. It is much easier to pretend that the outages never took place and that passengers are not a risk.