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O Globo | Innovare, ô ô ô


Navegar é preciso

If you imagine that reports on the vices of media monopoly may be excessive or even merely imaginary, read the following report, which is based on the mission statement of the Innovare Institute — a new player for me, but worth looking at not least because Globo is so, in bed with it.

By Paulo Nogueira, DCM

Translation is my responsibility, including eventual errors.

Few things are as destructive as a vicious intention disguised as a virtuous one.

Such is the case with the Innovare Institute, with maintains openly promiscuous relations as a go-between the Globo Organizations and the Brazilian legal system.

Innovare is a Globo initiative allegedly dedicated to promoting best practices in the legal profession. What is really happening, however, is the exact opposite of best practices needed to create law courts in any country in the world: a healthy distance between judges and the media.

One sitting justice, for example, is a partner in a legal education business at the same time. And,

Supreme Court Justice Ayres Britto is the current president of Innovare — partners — for example.

Ayres Britto took up the think tank’s cause as soon as he ended his time the court — during which he played a tragic role in the “monthly payola” case and an equally tragic role as the president of Innovare – [in another words, as president of a Globo-sponsored organization while sitting on the bench?]

At the the most recent awards ceremony were Supreme Court justices Joaquim Barbosa and Gilmar Mendes along with Roberto Irineu Marinho, president of Globo. The ceremony received an extraordinary amount of attention during the prime-time news program Jornal Nacional, with a segment lasting 2 and a half minutes.

Demonstrating how ambivalent relations are between the government and Globo, Minister of Justice José Eduardo Cardozo was also there. Justice is one of the sponsors of an entity that rejects the fundamental principle of justice.

Gilmar Mendes speaks …

How can anyone pretend that Brazilian courts judge any case involving Globo with any sort of impartiality? The fact is that with its take no prisoners approach, Globo has colonized the Brazilian judicial system.

I have such vivid memories of Ayres Britto embracing Merval Pereira upon the launch of a book on the “big monthly payola” scheme. [A dueling title on the same subject has just been launched.)

It was a repulsive sight to anyone concerned with the separation of the press and the judiciary. Nevertheless, there were Ayres and Merval, embracing (over) the idea.

Above all, Innovare promotes lectures and events – a relatively risk-free business that yields easy money.


And who are the lecturers, for the most part ? Precisely those you would image: Barbosa, Mendes and so on and so forth.

The best practices of Brazilian law mean nothing unless accompanied by the mother of all best practices – independence from the media and, by extension, from powerful commercial interests.

For this reason, the Innovare Prize is much more than a trophy: it reflects a cancer on the body politic.

The institute’s self-disclosure reveals a sure and steady effort to bring professional associations under its umbrella.

At first the Innovare Prize focused on the identification and recognition of legal best practices and was sponsored by the AMB and the Judiciary Reform Secretary in the Minister of Justice. Given the success of its first award, new partnerships were founded and new categories of prizes were introduced. Starting in 2005, with the arrival of CONAMP – the National Association of Public Ministry Members – a category was created to recognize Public Ministry personnel included prosecutors and other litigators.

In 2006, Innovare signed a partnership with ANADEP – National Association of Public Defenders – and a category for defense attorneys … In 2007, a partnership was established with AJUFE – the Association of Brazilian Federal Judges. In 2008, an agreement was reached with the Federal Commission of the OAB – «the Brazilian ABA» and a prize for Advocacy was created for both public and private lawyers.

In 2009, the 6th year of the Innovare Prize, a new phase begins with the establishment with the Innovare Institute, located in Rio and active all over Brazil. The institute relies on the sponsorship and support of the Globo organization and has as one of its objectives to continue the Innovare Prize program and disseminate the best practices developed in partnership with the National Council of Justice (CNJ) . In 2009 it also signed a partnership with the National Association of Federal Attorneys, stimulating the partition of members of the Federal Public Ministry.

Below, a crawl of the Innovare site yields some interesting results — in that they correspond with what you can find out laboriously reading their IR site!



Screenshot from 2014-03-03 16:26:53

Assignment: Further research on Innovare and its privileged position in business circles. It would be interesting to know as well which companies on the Inovare roster are owned by state governments looking public advertising to help unseat the federal situation — or vice versa. Brazil is a world champion at media bombardment targeting its growing middle clas.