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Labor Relations | Chico The Vigilante


Source: CUT | Central Única dos Trabalhadores

Maintenance unions CNTV, Sindesv and Sindvig met this morning with the federal minister of labor, Manoel Dias, to debate and suggest measures that would regulate the hiring of watchmen during the FIFA Cup in Brazil. Estimates are that 50 thousands jobs will be created in this area during the Cup.

The meeting, called for by the director and PT state deputy Chico Vigilante, was organized to guarantee the rights of workers during the Cup, when the orange-clad men will be used by FIFA for preventive actions, such as the the protection of valuable public property  inside and outside the stadiums, in 11 states and the Federal District.

“We chose to meet with labor ministry Manoel Dias so that the rights of watchmen and garbagemen, whose work is so important right now, be respected and workers treated with dignity, with clear definition of hiring practices during the Cup,” Chico Vigilante.

The minister guaranteed that he will meet next week with representatives of FIFA to discuss the hiring rules and their realization. Manoel Dias also said that the same rules will apply to the Brazilian national football championship — the CBF, which regulates football in the host country.

According to the minister, a working group will be assembled together with other federal ministries  in order to debate the hiring of third parties and the rules that will regulate this sort of business. The point was emphasized by private security firms in  Pernambuco, Alagoas, Maranhão, Goiás, São Paulo, Distrito Federal, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais, and others.

Criminal opportunism robs vigilantes of their legitimacy

Chico Vigilante used the occasion to raise another issue for private security workers. The profession has a long history.

Large corporations who furnish services to public offices come away with 10s of millions of reais, even as their customers approach the date of default. When bankruptcy is declared, the businesses argue that they have no funds with which to pay their contribution to employee pension plans, leaving families helpess and their bread-winner, unemployed.

The problem is that after a certain period, the company reopens under a new registration number and name, in order to avoid taxes. It is permitted to take part in public auctions and return to providing services to large companies and public agencies.

“These are sleazy companies that lay off hundreds, if not thousands, of worker simultaneously, citing their bankruptcy problem. It does not take long to see them open another, more profitable company that has returning to operating in the black, leaving families without means of redress.”

Trash piled at the Sambodromo in Rio as the garis — trashmen — folded their arms. Mayor Paes was ticketed for throwing trash on the ground.