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SLAPP Unhappy | The «Dirty Bloggers» Regroup


A kind invitation is received from the Barão de Itararé to a second seminar on TV GLOBO: From the Coup of 1964 to the Censorship of the Present Day.

A crucial item on the agenda willl be the recent courtroom defeat of a – relatively –  independent journalist at the hands of Globo’s Ali Kamel –maximum hierarch for news, sports,  entertainment, advertising, and philanthropy, if and when he puts his mind to acknowledging the role strain placed upon him by this model. . His aggressive opponent, who has done quite a bit to implant the Huffington model here and also works for Record, was found guilty of criminal libel.

The event tonight should be used to point out the  fragility of the Brazilian journo in the face of SLAPP suitsstrategic lawsuits against public participation.

Friends here have never even heard of the concept, much less the modest progress made by Yankee legislatures in removing these barbaric impediments to the free marketplace of news and ideas.

It is also instructive to follow the strategic networks and networking techniques of the «dirty bloggers» are evolving, as measured by an exercise in focused Web crawling I am working on..

Below, for example, is a flexible model of network nodes cited as sources by Rodrigo Vianna, who doubles as a blogger and TV reporter for the Record network – mortal enemy of the broadcast rights holder whose treasures it covets.

Screenshot from 2014-03-24 12:54:12

Screenshot from 2014-03-24 12:53:08


To be continued …

I find myself more and more interested in innovations in the events industry as they relate to collaborative networked organizations. If a network rotated ninety degrees is a hierarchy, is a hierarchy oriented in this way really what we mean by a networked organization?


It is a shame that Navicrawler — shown above — is no longer being developed.

I used it, for example, to produce the 3-dimensional yEd map of the emerging blogosphere this afternoon.

Screenshot from 2014-03-09 16:26:58

Raw data from the WIRE focused crawling project developed at the University of Chile. One of these days I will get my garage in order in order to work more efficiently with gephi.