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Wesside | Rio’s Wild West

Milicia seguranca publica do estado rio de janeiro em debate codigo penal tipificar crime bacharel direito doutor artur moritz rodrigues jogo do bicho policia combate crime criminalizacao

Poised for a Disneyland moment on a continental scale with the World Cup later this year, Brazil faces the question it has faced so many times before — pra ingles ver?

For the English to see. Send in the Army and Navy to work side by side with police in order to lock down the slums.

This year, on the other hand, old habits seem to be dying, through dying a little harder than in previous years, perhaps.

Hosting two world-class sporting events will focus attention on the social dimension of the games, raising enough awareness to make public safety a top priority of the government, as a recent poll reports it ought to.

Source: Jornal O Globo.

RIO – The activities of militia members. who impose an atmosphere of insecurity on home owners in the federal My House, My Life housing program in at least three Western Zone neighborhoods. will be countered by a task force to be created next week by the federal ministers of Justice and Cities.

The measure was announced today, Friday evening, by the Minister of the Cities, Gilberto Occhi, after a meeting of the Secretariat of Security of Rio de Janeiro.

Occhi says a joint task force will be announced that will define the scope of operations, which in the case of Rio will also count on the federal police, the state anti-organized crime bureau and the state judicial police. He made a point of noting that DRACO has been investigating the collection of “protection” by paramilitary groups from local residents and misappropriation of private property.

The modus operandi of the militias was revealed at the time by O Globo. At the time, a group headed by former military police trooper Ricardo Teixeira da Cruz, aka Batman, who was locked up in the federal penitentiary in Campo Grande at the time, threatened residents of 11 housing projects built by the federal housing program in Campo Grande, Cosmos and Realengo, all in the Western Zone.

To terrorize local residents, the militia will often invade the interior portions of the building, flashing weapons and sometimes even firing into the air. Such episodes were reported by residents of the Livorno, Trento and Treviso condominiums in  Cosmos.

In the Ferrara condominium, in Campo Grande, the militia eventually occupied 143 of the 262 available apartments. After the publication of the fact, a joint federal-state operation was dispatched to reassert possession of the properties.

Along with Gilberto Occhi, the meeting was counted on the presence of Caixa president Jorge Hereda; Alexandre Capote, of DRACO; and Leila Quintanilha, of the federal police. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for next week.