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Brasilia | Decline of the Super-PACs?


Source: Observatorio da Sociede Cvil

BRAZIL — A majority of the Supreme Court (STF) will rule unconstitutional all donations by private companies to parties and candidates throughout the election season, a local daily says. With Marco Aurélio and Ricardo Lewandowski announcing their vote in advance, the scorecard in the constitutional challenge stands at 6-1 of the nine-member court.

The decision is an important victory for Brazilian civil society, which works for a more democratic political system free of economic influence. “It was a surprise to those of us who have fought for political reform for so long. We never imaged we would achieve this ban on politicalgiving by private industry,” says Ivo Lesbaupin, CEO of Abong –the Association of Brazilian NGOs — and its representative in the Coalition for Political Reform and Clean Elections, a movement to which a significant number of organizations and social movements subscribe.