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Scenes from the Coming Network Wars


Above: A global panorama of media and infotainment companies, suggested by a post from Rodrigo Vianna. Tool: Pajek.

Screenshot from 2014-04-27 10:53:25

Pajek in action.


A sample from the blogosphere of Rodrigo Vianna, the allegedly “dirty blogger.” The drawing tool: yEd.


The result of a Hubs-Authorities analysis from a crawl through a mediasphere with seeds defined using a tool called Navicrawler. Australian Book Review is the core of this snapshot on the network.


The Berkman Center always seems to be near the center of things, although its partner project — Berkman often holds a churrasco for the USPianos — seems to falter. Not helpful: the background of participants in the universe of the USAID and the Broadcast Board of Governance.

I plan to try and track network strategies used during the coming (Brazilian) election. Happily, my schedule leaves me free during September and the sillygism-rich October surprise.