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A Note on The “FIFA-Standard” Blogosphere

Screenshot from 2014-06-06 12:02:44

The “blogprog” movement of self-identified “progressive” bloggers — registered under a nonprofit called Blogosphere Foundation — is a semi-open virtual condominium-coop on the left-hand shore of the (perennially horrific) Tiete River.

The Institute has made some changes recently that might help us understand future digital strategies as the campaign season opens.

Screenshot from 2014-06-06 12:44:26

Apart from well known personalities, the movement seems to originate in and grow from the tumultuous state of Parana, where local media have been locked for years in a death match with the flamboyant PMDB ex-governor and senator Roberto Requiao, a net-libertarian by blood and instinct who has led debate on the proposed legislation.


The foundation provides a long list of associates — over 100. New communities are springing up in recent months and registered individuals is approached 3,000. Not all the groups are open to non-members, although anyone can register as a common user.


I have not finished crawling and analyzing the data yet — hubs? authorities? — but the profile and stated purposes of the sem-midia — the “medialess,” coined from the name of such traditional activist groups as the Landless Workers Movement — seems to be lending it authority and publicity (in the structural sense of those terms).

What is interesting is the work being done behind the scenes — by this “sinister” group of indy sites, if you believe the opposition candidate, who recently kicked off the now customary “your political marketing and publicity outlay amounts to cheating and sleazy smear campaigns, while ours measure up to the highest standards of Truth and Beauty. ”

Think of it as the sticks and stones cycle.

Screenshot from 2014-06-06 11:46:38

Perhaps most interesting — if such matters interest you — is the registration of blogoosfera.org.br with GoDaddy, which I read recently is engaged in a major push to grow in the Brazilian ISP market, opening an office in S. Paulo, I believe it was.

No final de abril deste ano, a empresa anunciou uma segunda grande leva de expansões, iniciando operações em 17 países da Europa (Áustria, Bélgica, Dinamarca, Finlândia, França, Alemanha, Grécia, Itália, Holanda, Noruega, Polônia, Portugal, Rússia, Suécia, Suíça, Turquia e Ucrânia), em 14 línguas diferentes.

The sysadmin is a certain Rafael Gomes from Curitiba. Renata Mielli is the sysadmin for the Institute Web site and a “digital activist” involved in organizing the recently held Fourth Congress of Bloggers and Digital Activists. Tatiane Pires da Silva and Cristina Pasqualetto Rodrigues share the sysadmin duties.

Blogprog.org.br, the conference Web site, is managed by Cristina Pasqualetto Rodrigues

Screenshot from 2014-06-06 11:55:33

The Blogoosfera | A FIFA-Standard X-Ray

So — and these are merely ad hoc observations —

[half-assed conclusions to come]

[Inserting a sociogram would be useful here. I will try to get to that.]