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The Eye in the Sky | “Globo Surveilled Our Practice!”

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Source: El País Brazil edition

TV Globo, Brazil’s most powerful TV network, dispatched a helicopter to “spy” on the training regimen of the Chilean national team yesterday morning. The most recent practice sessions, carried on behind closed doors throughout the tournament and directed by gun-shy coach Jorge Sampaoli, had not yet begun when the session was violently interrupted by the simultaneous arrival of a helicopter at the  Toca da Raposa training facility in Pampulha. The coach called a halt to the sessions and lodged a formal complaint against TV Globo for what he called espionage.

How do we know the chopper belonged to the Silver Venus? Any YouTube footage of the incident? (Answer: It acknowledged, and apologized for, the intrusion).

“The thing with the helicopter was not such a big deal,” said Mauricio Isla, a Chilean forward.  “It was the coach who reacted most strongly, because we were working on tactics and didn’t want our opponent knowing our plans for the game. We tried to kick balls at the helicopter, but it was too high up.”

The Chilean national team will battle Brazil in the Mineirão Stadium in  the most dramatic match-up of the quarter finals. Brazilian coach Luiz Felipe Scolari admitted that his Andean rival was the last team he would have wanted to face, given the choice.
Globo is an interested party in the episode. The media conglomerate, a key partner of the Brazilian football confederation, has much to gain from the Cup. With more than 90 million viewers per day, the broadcaster holds the exclusive rights to retransmission of the matches, representing an investment of some R$ 900 million. The cost makes necessary an amortization conditioned on the flow of advertising inherent in the advancement of Brazil in the tournament.
Even the political stability of the host country, with the cooling down of street demonstrations, seem to depend on the success of the Brazilian side … The match with Chile is much more than just a game of football.
Bonde, meanwhile, reports:
A TV Globo helicopter caused a stir on Thursday morning at the Toca da Raposa, training grounds in Belo Horizonte. The coach of the Chilean national team, was conducting a closed-door briefing that excluded journalists, but the Rio broadcaster used the aircraft to spy on the practice session of the national team.After calling a halt to training, Chilean officials considered locking out the Brazilian press, while Globo apologized and promised not to run the training footage on any of its network news outlets. As the controversy cooled, Brazilian journalists were allowed into the briefing.

Globo affiliate iMirante appears to be the source of many of the versions republished by its associates and content clients. It seems to be one of a handful of vehicles to report on the Chilean federation’s acceptance of a Globo apology.