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Racial Politics & The Cup

Source: Jornal GGN. My hasty translation of a passage.

A Datafolha survey of fans in attendance at Saturday’s match against Chile in Belo Horizonte confirms the perception that those in attendance represented “the white elite.”

Among the 693 fans interviewed at the stadium entrance, 67% defined themselves as white and 90% said they belonged to economic classes A or B.

These percentages stand in stark contrast with the the profile of the average Brazilian,  41% of whom declare themselves pardo, or mixed race. At the stadium 24% identified themselves as such. And the index of self-reported black Brazilians attending the match (6%) was less than half that of the population as a whole.

The margin of error was 4 percent and the degree of reliability 95%.

Datafolha also measured perceptions of president Rousseff and found that her standing among fans was worse than that of the average test subject.

Those who attended the Cup match (55%) considered the event badly or very badly managed. This is nearly twice the figure observed in a survey earlier this month in which 38% of Brazilians called the government average and 33% defined it as good or excellent.

The poor showing of the federal government, however, does not translate into the obscenities and verbal attacks against the president during the opening match of the Cup in São Paulo: 61% say they disagree with the tactics of the  “yellow blocs.”

A reference to the Black Blocs in describing the use of social media to orchestrate flash mobs …

The atmosphere of the Cup may also have touched a sense of national pride: 91% say they have more pride than shame in being Brazilian, compared with 77% of subjects of a national survey conducted in early May.