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The Cup & Y2K: Improbable Catastrophes Averted


A cartoon on the catastrophic ranting of the Brazilian right and extreme left (odd bedfellows)

  1. There won’t be a stadium.
  2. There won’t be an airport
  3. There won’t be access
  4. In case none of this takes place, we were just offering constructive criticism!

Source:  GGN.

If there was anyone who never believed in, and rooted against, this World Cup, it was our mongrel news media.  Brazilian readers and viewers were  prompted to repeat attitudes of disbelief, anger and unfounded criticism, echoing the slogans and false information they were seeing on the TV and reading in the paper … [The cartoon above depicts some of the catastrophes that failed to materialize]

Three days before the opening kickoff, stadiums, airports and transportation were working well, dismantling the media’s virtual-reality vision of events. The facts spoke louder than words.

It is rare to see a news team clash with reality this hard. It is rare to see the hegemonic news organizations of a country confronted so bluntly with a monumental series of enormous errors for which they have only themselves to blame.   Globo’s most egregious error was the unforgettable way in which it misinformed the public.

In the end, Brazil has no reason to be ashamed.

The international media saw through the local spin and quickly corrected their own coverage. They have mostly transmitted a realistic view of present-day Brazil — with the exception of the Spaniards and part of Grub Street, who cursed Brazil after the humiliating defeats of their national teams. Their pain should pass in time, however.

The Treaty of Tordesillas seems to be eroding in recent years.

Meanwhile, our poor, mongrel news media has no standing to engage in self-criticism because it has never ceased to manipulate the news with a straight face. Globo will continue torturing the facts, as it did with the “big monthly payola” case and as it does every day with its political and economic coverage, to the point where its absolute lack of credibility undermines it even when it reports correctly.

Screenshot from 2014-07-07 15:57:49

Presidential hopeful Neves and Ronald the Phenomenon over a headline shouting “I am ashamed by delays in Cup preparations …”