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Pajek 3.1x | The Digital Structures of Media Organizations

Screenshot from 2014-07-16 12:34:51

Changes to Version 3 of the network visualization tool Pajek have caused me some confusion — the interface was completely redesigned. But I finally discovered a Rosetta Stone that enabled me  to link nodes, with labels,  to edges and arcs.

Nevertheless, I am proud to present, above, a visual representation of a network — in this case, the k-neighborhood Folha de S. Paulo — using  data I collected myself with the Chilean Web spider WIRE, which continues to run the same crawl as I stop here to assess intermediate results.

Despite the incompleteness of this run, it is interesting to build models of significant Web locations. In the case of the Folha, for example, link giving and link receiving seem balanced.

Now that we have a relative wealth of data — 5 million documents crawled from 240,000 sites —  we can use other free diagramming tools — yEd and gephi — to see what we can see of the bigger picture.

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Sorting out the inputs into this system is pretty easy —  there are a couple of reputable marketing and advertising firms, for example — Simples seems to have a thriving practice — and a group of Web design badges: We use Plone (the CMS the Brazilian government prefers)!

Terra Magazine is edited by Bob Fernandes, formally of Carta. The Economist appears as a result of a joint venture or content sharing arrangement between the two, which gets a little weird sometimes but is a welcome shot in the arm for the little glossy weekly that speaks the truth to … yada yada.

Rede Brasil Atual is a voice of the labor movement(s)  …

Screenshot from 2014-07-16 13:09:57