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Globo | The Rape of the Deadlock

They Knew: They Brazilian "Silver Bullet"

They Knew: The Brazilian “Silver Bullet”


Source: GGN

Author: Luis Nassif

Tonight at 8:oo p.m., a journalistic crime and an assault on democracy. Tonight at 8:00 p.m, the nightly Jornal Nacional will allocate between 5 and 10 minutes to coverage of false information published by Veja magazine.

That seems about right, if not more.

What can we do?First, we need to understand that our Constitution (and our democracy) cannot abide prior restraint [on expression]. But the absence of prior restraint also requires the news media to weigh the consequences of publishing information as a form of inhibiting errors and crimes [such as fraud].In Brazil, there is no prior censorship, but there is no urgency in foreseeing the consequences of inaccuracies. This is what explains the never-ending rape of the truth in our media.O Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) allows the right of reply. As it happens, however, this is a right of reply that can only be exercised on Monday, after the results are tabulated.Attorneys for the Workers Party ought to take their case to the TSE and petition for an injunction with an attendant right of response.

They Knew: They Brazilian "Silver Bullet"

They Knew: They Brazilian “Silver Bullet”

It would go something like this: A spokesperson for Dilma would be available in the Jornal Nacional studio at  Globo.When the report based on the Veja factoid begins, the Dilma spokesperson would be given the same amount of time to present the campaign’s rebuttal.This is not some conventional judicial ruling. It has all the legal elements to be ordered by the TSE.

Update, 8:44 p.m. — footage of protesters heaving offal at the Editora Abril building on the fragrant Pinheiros River. Now Bonner is presenting a series of disconnected documents, with an even longer series of talking head moments with the opposition candidate, who is consistently saddened by the decay of civility à brasileira.

Does the presence of picket signs bearing the Veja cover — printed two days in advance of its usual deadline — mean that Veja has some arrangement with street organizations?