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Veja Is Sorry


This we know  so far:

In the early hours of Sunday, Veja published the right of reply granted by the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) with respect to the magazine’s cover in its last edition.

The claimed that a federal informant said that President Dilma and former president Lula knew of a corruption scheme at state-owned Petrobras when both served on the board.

Judge Admar Gonzaga, of the TSE, granted a right of response, arguing that the publication “failed to take proper care” and that it made the accusation in an offensive tone. “It is easy to see that  Veja ventured far outside its right to inform, taking an offensive stance and failing to take the simplest rules of journalism.

Read the entire text of the Rousseff campaign:

“Brazilian democracy is confronted once again, on the eve of a manifestation of the popular will, with a group that attempts to influence the election by running empty accusations, lacking any connection with reality, to distribute disinformation  about the PT.

The “With the Power of the People” campaign marched to condemn this conduct and to reiterate that the article returns to the tactics of the first round, where they were condemned  by seven electoral magistrates for having made accusations lacking any basis in fact.

The publication present a supposed deposition by [black market “dollar man”] Alberto Youssef, as part of a plea bargain already under way, in order to implicate Dilma and Lula

As it happens, the attorney representing Yousseff, Antônio Figueiredo Basto, rejects this story, saying that since all the statements were attended by him or his team, none of whom overheard anything the story told by Veja.