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Street Fighting Men | Military Police Snub Lawmakers


Governor Geraldo Alckmin’s state secretary for public safety (SSP) and the military police have simply ignored a public hearing summoned by the federal Public Ministry to discuss police violence during social protests. Fernando Grella and Roberto Meira, from the SSP and the PM, respectively, simply failed to show up at the scheduled time.

Source: GGN | Rede Brasil Atual

Photographer Sérgio Andrade Silva lost an eye to a rubber bullet last May while covering a street protest

Photographer Sérgio Andrade Silva lost an eye to a rubber bullet last May while covering a street protest

São Paulo – São Paulo state public safety secretary Fernando Grella Vieira and the commandant of the state military police, Benedito Roberto Meira, failed to show up at a public hearing on the actions of police during protests, scheduled for Tuesday afternoon at the federal Public Ministry for the 3rd Region (MPF-3) at the request of the NGO Conectas Direitos Humanos. The event drew state and federal state’s attorneys,  legal experts, activists, social movements and civil society organizations to the seat of the 3rd Federal Regional Court in downtown São Paulo.

Deputy federal prosecutor for civil rights Jeferson Aparecido Dias, called the absence of spokespersons for the Alckmin administration “lamentable.” “It makes them seem like they are not amenable to dialogue, not least because no reason was given for the absences,” he said.

Dias said he could not understand the posture of the two, given that the MPF represents the Judiciary and has no involvement in partisan politics. “If this were an initiative of the state legislature, one might justify the absence in reference to certain (political) interests. But the MPF is an institution of the Republic,” he said.

During the debate, Grella was to be represented by an aide, Já Meira, who sent a message that she would not be able to attend. She sent a second note saying she was on her way. Half an hour later, she cancelled once more.

The purpose of the event was to discuss the conduct of police during protests, ….

A proposta do evento era discutir a atuação da polícia em manifestações, iniciando um processo para elaborar um protocolo de atuação em protestos que regulamente o uso de armas menos letais, a proporcionalidade da força, as intervenções em casos de violência.