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Agrovation | Dissension in the Ranks


SÃO PAULO — The media establishment has two basic methods of applying pressure: flattery and demonization.

In a book I am writing on the topic, I describe the resources they use in this strategy: First, the Myth of the Honorable Family (Man) is applied to allies, followed by the Myth of the Vampire, a histrionic, grotesque portrayal of its enemies.

President of the National Confederation of Agriculture (CNA), Katia Abreu has long been part of the family, tradition, property persuasion. Especially when she is attacking Indians, social movements, and ecologists.

Her invitation to head the Ministry of Agriculture [in the Dilma II government] was all it took to turn her into a vampire, however.

First, a recent report in O Globo attacks her record at the head of the CNA.

The Estado reports that the rural benches are treating Abreu as a «traitor» for joining the government.

The Estadão then, in a front page headline, “accuses” Katia of receiving a donation from a group investigated by the federal police.

But the press lives off selling advertising to groups investigated by the feds, right? So, so what?

As a cabinet officer, Kátia might prove an effective defender of rural interests, which have been squeezed out of the market by the giant meat companies.

But she has been intimidated, and in order to redeem herself recently published a lengthy panegyric to Gilma [ Mendes of the STF] and verbally attacked social movements.

Abreu is also a biweekly columnist in the Folha de S. Paulo.

Another modest example of how, when journalism reflects the most exacting demands by the media establishment and the lobbying it serves, it ends up eclipsing other issues.

Son of the future minister — if her nomination thrives — is Irajá Abreu, federal deputy for the PDS — an evolution of the PFL, which morphed into the DEM over a corruption scandal a few years ago and morphed again recently into the neo-neo-neocon PDS.

Over a corruption case. In which the governor of the Federal District and aides are shown stuffing banknotes in their socks!

I digress. See also

Irajá has been named to manage the newly created Agrarian Development and Regulation of Land Titles in the state government of Tocantins. Traditional land rights activists protest on grounds of nepotism and question the process of land allocation.