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Niterói Narcos Arrest Another Ammo Man


October 31, 2013: Perp walk with militia members, among the police and army personnel

It puzzles me: How little ink is devoted to reports like the following news release by the Federal Police.  See also

Rio de Janeiro – On Saturday, November 29, the Federal Police  Polícia Federal apprehended nearly 1,200 rifle cartridges on the  Niterói/RJ bridge, in a joint operation with the federal highway patrol (PRF). One man was arrested, along with a small quantity of cocaine.

A federal police press release dated November 26 reports on the seizure of 1,000 cartridges, in a separate incident.

Federal police received word of a possible shipment of weapons and ammunition from Rio de Janeiro to the city of São Gonçalo. A barricade was organized with the help of the PRF.

A vehicle was discovered carrying 1,200 shells and nearly 200 grams of cocaine. Arrested for narcotics possession and a firearm violation — the ammunition was reserved for use by police and military — the man was handed over to the state prison system. He will be charged with drug trafficking.

Source: Polícia Federal | O São Gonçalo (local)

If the cop-killer ammunition cases pan out, you might be forgiven for thinking you were up against ISIS, or some other heavily subsidized flavor of jihad.

The local O São Gonçalo discovers another piece of the puzzle in recalling a similar incident from September of this year.

Salgueiro — In September, two men were arrested on the Rio-Niterói Bridge carrying three FAL 7.62 assault rifles, and pieces of a fourth. 23 rounds were loaded into one of the rifles and 50 rounds of the same caliber were seized, for a total of 493 rounds.

This is confusing, math-wise. Does it imply is that the guns seized were fully loaded? That would still make no sense. The daily press huddle may shed some light on the fact.

The 7.62 is standard for NATO troops, and here in Brazil there have been cases in the past of corrupt military personnel selling the item off the back of a truck. It fetches more than R$1,500, I hear.

Firing rate 650–700 rounds/min. Standard 20 or 30 magazine, with option for a 50-round drum.

The weaponry was being transported from  Engenho da Rainha, in Rio, to Morro do Salgueiro, in São Gonçalo.

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