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Venina and Petrobras | Beware the Jabberwock


Topic: The Whistleblower vs. Petrobras

Source: GGN.

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Over the course of all my reading, I have concluded that your typical tropical scandal-monger is well-read in Jung and frequently appeals to archetypes — often very crude ones — of the collective unconscious.

I suggested in another post that perhaps the most fitting archetype for the confrontation of an ex-Petrobras executive with her former employer is the Jabberwocky — “The jaws that bite, the claws that catch!”

If you insist on David and Goliath, you will get no argument from me.

Maria das Graças Silva Foster, CEO of the company and taking heavy fire over the gargantuan scandal, shares a certain “off with this head” mentality with her boss, President Dilma, it seems to me.  But now  it is her head that is on the block.


E-mail dated November 20, 2014 from Venina Velosa to Maria das Graças Silver Foster, both posted overseas by Petrobras and said to harbor a grudge

Venini to Maria G.S. Foster:

When I began to oppose this, I was threatened and bullied. A gun to my head and threats against my daughters, I have experienced this. I have with me all the documentation of the case, which I never offered to the press with respect to PETROBRAS, despite all the journalists trying to contact me. I took the matter up with the competent authorities, including Legal and Audit, but in vain.

Petrobras says it took care of those cases in 2008 and 2009 and that VV left compliance-related materials in a drawer for five years.

Later, I came to oppose a scheme that appeared to be connected to the RNEST project. When I left my post, I was assigned abroad, and an executive who is now in jail raised a toast to me, even though he had said that it was too bad he could not have me banished forever.

I kept all the documents from this period of my employment, which I offered in my testimony, and I have witnesses as to my actions against illegal practices. Another aspect of this part of the case is the omission by other departments, including, as we mentioned above, Compliance.