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Petrobras | Whistleblower? Poster Child?

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Source: Diário do Centro do Mundo

Topics: Dirty blogs and poster children

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You cannot have a true scandal without an attractive straw man to focus the attentions of readers and viewers and monopolize coverage.

This is what we call a «poster child» — an individual who by metonymy represents an abstract whole or class. This post is a back-of-the napkin analysis of the application on one such strategy.

This is not an unusual event — let us begin with that.

When a secretary of a Senator with whom she was having an affair with her boss the president of the Senate testified in a scandal  denounced in an interview with Veja (Grupo Abril), she was immediately invited to grace the cover of Playboy Brasil (Grupo Abril).


Mônica bares all! Get it? The priceless image of the episode: Congress members reading the issue on the floor of the legislature.

She accepted. She had recorded her pillow talk with the Senator, as it turned out. She was working as a PMDB political marketer at the time with a background in journalism — at Globo. This is a common career arc in the communications sector here.

In the ongoing scandal at Petrobras, it is early to try to make sense of it all, but it seems that measures toward creating an archetypal «poster child» are underway.

Venina Velosa da Fonseca: is she the muse of Operation Car Wash

Venina Velosa da Fonseca: is she the muse of Operation Car Wash

The muse of Operation Car Wash may well be Vanina Velosa, billeted in Singapore for several years until returning last week to testify before Congress.

The candidate for the poster child of Operation Car Wash is, to some and not necessarily objective observers, nothing more than a disgruntled ex-Petrobras manager who says she stored e-mails from 2008-9 regarding corruption at Petrobras — and hung onto them.

In her farewell to coworkers, she changed her story and said she had orally informed the Petrobras CEO, Graça Foster, of irregular contracts during 2008.

In an interview with Fantástico, Vanina appeals to colleagues to come forward.

According to Petrobras, the revelation was received just as the demoted employee was walking out the door for the last time; documentary evidence is not through being processed; and the accusations were already the subject of an internal investigation that had led to executive firings.

There is a third archetype to consider as well: the patsy, along the lines of Roberto Jefferson. But save that for another day.