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Justice League | The Media Profile of Sérgio Moro

«They have discovered a new well ... of corruption»

«They have discovered a new well … of corruption»

Source: Brasil 24/7

Topics: Year-end kudos, Operation Car Wash

The judge in the Car Wash case is undergoing a media treatment similar to coverage of Supreme Court Justice Joaquim Barbosa, who, in the middle of judging the AP 470 case – the «PT payola» – accepted a “Those Who Make a Difference” award from Globo and was nicknamed “the poor kid who changed Brazil” on the cover of Veja.

In today’s edition, the Marinho family newspaper, in the column of Ancelmo Gois, named Barbosa “man of the year.”

In its final edition of the year, Abril reported that Sérgio Moro was chosen Personality of the Year in a survey conducted on Twitter; Veja called Barbosa “a national idol.”

This requires some quick fact-checking. Ancelmo’s featured Person of the Year, for example, is actually presidential candidate Marina Silva, who heads the column. See below.

Marina is person of the year (uploaded December 28)

Marina is person of the year (uploaded December 28)

Is this transformation of judges into heroic figures good for democracy or the Judicial branch of government?

Federal judge Sérgio Moro of Curitiba, presiding over the Car Wash investigation, has already been declared a hero by the daily O Globo and the Marinho brothers. The process is similar to that to which Joaquim Barbosa, former chief justice of the STF, was submitted last year. – Barbosa accepted a “Those Who Make a Difference” award from Globo and was named “the poor kid who changed Brazil” on the cover of Veja.

In today’s edition, the Marinho family newspaper, the columnist Ancelmo Gois named Barbosa “man of the year.” In its final edition of the year, Abril reported that Sérgio Moro was chosen “Personality of the Year” in a survey conducted on Twitter, and ran a profile of the magistrate; Veja called Barbosa “a national idol.”

Caveat: this was a brief and desultory item buried in today’s omnibus post – late in the series of brief bon mots that is often the signature of Ancelmo

Today, December 28, columnist Ancelmo Gois names Moro “man of the year.”

To be accurate, Marina Silva was singled out to top the list, and Moro shared the credit with other listees.

This was also the year of the federal police and the state’s attorney in our Brazilian version of “Mani pulite”, which battled corruption in Italy in the 1990s. This was the year of Aécio Neves and Eduardo Campos (in memoriam), Jaques Wagner, Fernando Pimentel and Eduardo Jorge. …

And so on …

The federal judge from Paraná, 42, in his management of the Car Wash case, has displayed technical expertise and civic-mindedness as he inserts a finger into the open wound of corruption, exposing the works contractors who take part in a rigged game and traditionally enjoy impunity,” the columnist wrote.

Moro was also named “personality of the year,” based on a survey conducted by Veja using Twitter.

Veja using Twitter as an indicator of public opinion.

How unjournalistic and unscientific is that? Let us count the ways.

Dark Forces On The Move

Veja blogger Reinaldo Azevedo warned that reactionary forces were preparing to “destroy” Moro.

In this week’s edition, read Daniel Pereira and Robson Bonin as they demonstrate that the Workers Party’s target at the moment is judge Sérgio Moro, who is taking care of (part of) the Car Wash case, a case certainly more serious than the «payola of the PT». The party already has its heavy artillery ready for use against Moro.

One of the defense attorneys told VEJA: “Irrefutable evidence of corruption has been produced, so we have little to gain debating the merits of the case. Our strategy is to discover serious error in the case in an attempt to undermine the judge.”

A list of unsavory strategies, depending on an ad hominem attack on Moro, follows.

“A National Idol”

Below, an excerpt of the article on Moro in O Globo, in which he is called “a national idol.”

«Moro, Man of the Year– Responsible in the first instance for the cases stemming from the Car Wash case, Sérgio Moro is the most respected colleague of fellow federal judges. And he is also a national idol. While the complexity of the crimes under investigation represents the greatest challenge he has ever faced, it also represents evidence of his bona fides. Moro won a contest for “Personality of the Year” with 160,637 votes, or 47% of the total. He beat out a number of people who distinguished themselves in 2014, both at home and abroad …»

Joaquim Barbosa was held up as a virtuous example by various establishment media outlets, but his behavior as a magistrate was far from exemplary. In the «payola of the PT» case (AP 470), he placed his own interests, such as a future political career, above the law. As rapporteur of AP 470, he violated a venerable rule of jurisprudence, attacking several colleagues when his own views were rejected by members of the plenary session.

The lionization and cult of Barbosa set a bad example. And now, will the media transformation of Sérgio Moro into a hero be a good thing for democracy and the judicial branch?

The tabloidoid — what is the story of this media company, I wonder? — Brasil247 makes a valid point, but engages in a degree of exaggeration and melodrama.

Ex Party


It is always puzzling to me how Brazilian justice survives the tsunami of leaks, rumors, and most of all the absolute Carnaval of ex parte communications. Here is what Judge Moro had to say in a recent interview.

Presiding judge of the Car Wash case, Sérgio Moro affirms that “the investigation and prosecution have no partisan colors” and that “the case is not directed against Petrobras. The state-controlled company is the victim of these crimes. The investigation and disclosure of misconduct, though it may involve momentary burden, will greatly benefit the company in the future.”  Declarations were registered in the forwarding of the case to a trial judge, which has targeted executives of major contractors; Moro states that the investigation enjoys the full support of high-ranking authorities, such as President Dilma Rousseff and Senator Aécio Neves.

Good night and good luck.