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Veja Só | Civitas Bust

"They knew everything"

“They knew everything”

This just in from:  Brasil 24/7

Monday was a sad day at Editora Abril, which publishes Veja magazine. Half of  the group headquarters on the Pinheiros River in Sâo Paulo was unoccupied and handed over to Previ, the pension fund of Banco do Brasil employees, which will rent the space to other clients.

Those who turned up at work this morning were no longer met by the bust of Victor Civita, founder of the empire, in the reception area. In full-blown crisis Abril is closing magazines and laying off in all areas of its business.

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Crime | Cachoeira and Car Wash?


«Definitive truth about the relations between the Veja editor and the numbers racketeer»

For some reason that I cannot quite fathom, the May 2013 Forbes obituary of Roberto Civita, paterfamilias of the Civita clan, is starting to circulate again, here and there. I will take some notes, just in case the racketeer walks into Congress and drops the H-bomb before some committee.

After a cursory treatment of the mensalão («monthly payola») case and the magazine’s role in it, the Brits — who know a thing or two about shady dealings and press freedoms — assess the flagship newsweekly of the Abril group.

More recently, Veja got involved in a corruption and money-laundering probe that broke with the arrest in February 2012 of Carlos Augusto Ramos, more commonly known as Carlinhos Cachoeira (Charlie Waterfall), who allegedly used to run a gambling racket in Goiás state.

A familiar face in Brazilian politics, Chachoeira [sic] was also a key figure of the Mensalão case. But while several officials were sacked, he walked free. Brazil’s Congress set up a special committee to investigate the matter, which included a timetable for hearings of at least 167 summonses. One of the editors at Veja was among the first on the list.

Product of an intense exchange of messages, captured by surveillance but as yet to be accepted as evidence, is my vague understanding. Another hero of Soviet journalism at Abril.

Ironically, it was during the Workers’ Party government that Abril experienced its best economic growth. In 2006, South Africa’s Naspers acquired 30% of Abril for $422 million, including the 13.8% that belonged to Capital International, an investment fund.

Satirical photoshop: «Our editor in chief was caught red-handed in the lap of a black-marketeer»

Satirical photoshop: «Our editor in chief was caught red-handed in the lap of a black-marketeer»

Then in 2011 Abril Educação, an education company that offers primary, secondary and pre-university courses, as well as education-focused publishing houses, went public.

Its Info title will be the group’s all-digital platform, reports say.

The company, in which the Civita family owns a majority stake, has a market capitalization of more than $5.7 billion.

The near future poses various challenges for the publication and the Group, if circulation metrics like IVC can be trusted.