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Veja Só | Civitas Bust

"They knew everything"

“They knew everything”

This just in from:  Brasil 24/7

Monday was a sad day at Editora Abril, which publishes Veja magazine. Half of  the group headquarters on the Pinheiros River in Sâo Paulo was unoccupied and handed over to Previ, the pension fund of Banco do Brasil employees, which will rent the space to other clients.

Those who turned up at work this morning were no longer met by the bust of Victor Civita, founder of the empire, in the reception area. In full-blown crisis Abril is closing magazines and laying off in all areas of its business.

My wife started her career at Abril — in children’s books and not in political character assassination, it should be said.

Previ will now rent the space to corporate clients and decided to remove the bust because over the years Abril has become a minority tenant.

The financial crisis at Abril has a technological component (the migration of the reader to  digital platforms) and an economic one  (publishing quality content for free), as well as editorial aspects.

By committing an unprecedented act of political engagement, when Veja ran off thousands of the infamous Veja cover “They Knew Everything” [above] to be used as a political pamphlet on the eve of the presidential election, Abril lost all credibility with its readers — and was obliged to publish a right of response on election day.

The note goes on to detail some of the comings and goings. Veja and Exame, the A-team of its quality glossy weeklies, are bleeding staff and budget, for example.


Meantime, according to a sidebar on Brasil247, the good old  “too radical even for Veja” team is attempting to reinvent itself digitally.


Reinaldo Azevedo, on the other hand, has found work moonlighting for the Folha de S. Paulo.

Mainardi still appears on an international version of Wayne’s World on Globosat, called Manhattan Connection, [x] a panel discussion among Abril journalists transmitted from New York. Abril greybeards Caio Blinder — he lives in New Jersey — and music mogul Nelson Motta also participate. Diogo Mainardi contributes through a live feed from Venice.