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Brazil | From Car Wash Cash to the Coming Crash


«I went to a house in Belo Horizonte in 2010, near a shopping center by the highway. I was making a delivery for YOUSSEF»

Source: Brasil 24/7 | W$J Spanish

Topics: Operation Car Wash, legal double standard

Ilimar Franco, author of O Globo’s Panorama Político column, condemns a double standard with regard to the names cited in Operation Car Wash: “PMDB and PT legislators are cited in  confidential interrogations of witnesses who have cut a plea bargain, which were then leaked. [By whom?] The PSDB bashes their enemies long and hard, as if all the names cited had already been found guilty,” he said.

“But now that Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG) has boarded the merry-go-round, the PSDB are indignant and defensive. Here, Ilimar cites a message he received from federal deputy Marcus Pestana, state president of the  PSDB in Minas Gerais: “The word of a criminal cannot be used as evidence of the truth,” Pestana said.

Okay, but what of the others who were merely mentioned in the testimony of the suspects? The hypocrisy of the PSDB in the Car Wash case, the subject of a previous post of mine («PSDB: Beat São Francisco but leave Chico alone») was also harshly criticized by columnist Ilimar Franco, author of “Panorama Político” in the daily O Globo.

“The opposition is having a field day, since the elections, with the Petrobras scandal.  PMDB and PT figures are cited by confidential informants [offering advantages in exchange for information].

«For our friends, everything; for our enemies, the Law»

“Then they are leaked. The Toucans lash out without mercy, as though all the names cited were guilty,” says Ilimar. “But now that Antonio Anastasia has mounted the merry-g0-round, the Toucans react with indignation,” Ilimar writes in a column titled “The rule of the game.”

Ilimar also mentions a message he received from federal legislator Marcus Pestana, president of the PSDB in Minas.  Minas Gerais. Folllowing, some observations by Pestana: “He (Anastasia) is depressed, demolished.”

“The word of a criminal cannot be a criterion of truth.” “Investigative journalism must collect evidence and proof.” “It is not fair for an honest man to be mixed up in this slime-pit of corruption.” “We are indignant! He is a symbol of honor. They are trying to deliberately mistake  the wheat for the chaff.”

“The damage to his reputation is already done.”

[Coverage by the] Jornal Nacional  [January 8, 2015)] is enough for many to regard him in a different light. ” Okay, Pastana. But what about the others who were merely cited in the testimony of the plea dealers?

Two nights ago, Jornal Nacional ran a long and detailed segment on the case involving Anastasia. Anastasia, cited in the Petrobras case and arrested in the seventh wave of warrants, [known by cops and politicals as something like “Judgment Day,” said he delivered R$ 1 million to the ex-governor  of Minas Gerais and Senator-elect for the PSDB.

Echoes of the Furnas List and the «PT Payola»

Minas 247 – On the eve of the most eagerly watched criminal prosecution [ever], known as AP 470, starting on January 2, the Federal Public Ministry formally charged alleged figures in an intensely  documented scheme to pay monthly stipends to civil servants and politicians. The state-owned Furnas had over-billed contracts in order to misdirect funds to nearly 150 politicians during the 2002 national election. The significant majority of names that appear are from the PSDB and DEM parties (center-right and far-right). Among the names discovered: the gubernatorial candidates Aécio Neves and Geraldo Alckmin.

Columnist  Amaury Ribeiro Jr, of the daily Hoje em Dia and author of the best-selling A Privataria Tucana (the Privateering [pun on privatization] of the Toucans), published an article on the Furnas List today.

Hoje em Dia is a regional paper controlled by the Record network (R7), bitter rivals of the Globo gang.

The list had supposedly been drawn up by the ex-president and and ex-planning director of Furnas, Dimas Toledo. Among those with their names released, along with Aécio and Alckmin, was the impeached deputy Roberto Jefferson (PTB). He says he personally received R$ 75,000 from the state-owned firm, hand-delivered by none other than Dimas Toledo. Amaury explains that according to the federal prosecutor in Rio,  Andrea Bayão Ferreira, the «payola of Furnas» scheme led to the enrichment of civil servants, business leaders and lobbyists accused of illegally funnelling illegal financial transactions to the political campaigns of the PSDB and its allies.

Federal police wiretapping of lobbyist Nilton Monteiro, who is said to have received the list from Toledo and interested in negotiating with foes of the PSDB offered to authenticate the document.  The Furnas List is signed by the director of planning of company. The federal police have ruled out any irregularities in the signature.

Later, a U.S. document examiner, hired by the PSDB , working off of xerox copies and distributed by Veja magazine,  was widely ridiculed, especially for the fraud (perjury) count on his rap sheet from another case.. A paranoid whisper campaign tries to keep the “expert opinion” alive, however, thereby pissing off the local federal police, who take pride in their work. I recall even seeing the ex-CIA man cited  in a big metrosexual daily. Also on the list as a recipient of R$ 186,000: Supreme Court Gilmar Mendes, who sat on the trial of case AP 470 rather than recuse himself. Amazing.

Amaury Under Fire

Contracts overbilled with Toshiba do Brasil and JPE Engenharia Ltda fed the scheme, according to a report by Amaury in Hoje em Dia. The two firms were hired without a public auction by the state-owned Furnas.

Toshiba administrative superintendent José Csapo Talavera has stated that consulting services performed by front companies were paid with notas frias — forged or otherwise tampered-with invoices. Executives of a Japanese company have also admitted the existence of a political slush fund — «caixa dois» — to underwrite the monthly expenses of politicians and civil servants.  Journalist Amaury Ribeiro Jr., after the publication of his book, claims is suffering pressure from the sister of ex-presidential candidate Aécio Neves, Andreia, who wants senior management of Hoje em Dia to fire him. Andreia is a piece of work. Somewhere in my archives I have testimony from Globo and other journalists about the level of pressure to print agitprop as news.