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Brazilian Electricity Coverage | Praying For Brain

Three versions of the same headline, complete with contrafactual

Three versions of the same headline, with contrary-to-fact conditionals in common

Source: Brasil 24/7

Topic: Blackouts and electricity rationing in Brazil

Rule of thumb: If the headline contains a contrary-to-fact conditional — «may», «could» «might»– ask yourself why they want you to feed your head with unproven suppositions rather than the wealth of facts unto which the (stifling) day is sufficient.

The temporary cutbacks in electrical energy distribution by the National System Operator (ONS) yesterday, a result of peak consumption driven by stifling heat nationwide, it has rekindled a hope in the establishment press: the spectacle of Dilma, a former Minister of Mines and Energy, decreeing rationing similar to that declared by President Cardoso in 2000; a headline in O Globo foresees fresh rolling blackouts, while a specialist featured in interviews with Valor and the Estado de S. Paulo foresees the possibility of rationing.

The power outage yesterday affected ten Brazilian states and was triggered by an overload in the system, caused by excessive consumption as a result of record temperatures in the major cities. It has rekindled a hope of the opposition and its allies in the establishment media: That Dilma, former Minister of Mines and Energy, will implement rationing, as ex-president FHC (Cardoso) did in 2000. In the Estado de S. Paulo and Valor (a joint venture of the Folha and Globo groups), the star of the day was consultant Mario Veiga, who points to the “growing risk” of rationing in 2015.

Veiga was the guest of prominent — and in some circles deeply despised — Globo economic commentator Miriam Leitão.

Valor International, in fractured English, also exploits the theme of high anxiety in its note pra inglês ver:

With new blackouts expected, country fears power rationing

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