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Sambodian Water Crisis & The Rashomon Effect

Principal Industrial association survey: quality of life satisfaction trending up

Source: Zé Dirceu

The former Chief of Staff to Lula turned corruption convict blasts the current state government based on a survey including questions about water security.

Not too surprisingly, the same set of facts gives rises to duelling headlines. Dirceu uses the rhetoric of moral panic. The trade association that contributed to the survey — above — reports an “improvement” in the perception of quality of life where there is actually a technical tie within the margin of error.

Dirceu, still an important voice in the Workers Party, naturally portrays the PT mayor, Fernando Haddad, as an agent of change and quality.

Geraldo Alckmin, the state governor of São Paulo, and his political strategists, in pursuing a strategy of absolute silence regarding the water crisis, has obviously never read the famous maxim of Abraham Lincoln: «You can fool all the people some of the time; you can fool some of the people all the time; but you can’t fool all the people all  the time.»

This was a tactic that Alckmin used during the recent election, in which he was elected for his fourth term, and continues to use: making himself scarce and avoiding interviews in order to avoid having to admit that rationing is upon us.fecomercio

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