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Brazil | Corruption Probes in Numbers


By party, impeachment for electoral crimes. Source: MCCE


Source: GGN | Stanley Burburinho

Topic: With PT in power, Federal Police conduct 50 more times the operations conducted under Cardoso

Below, information obtained from the Web site of the Federal Police, under the heading “Statistics,” about the operations realized by the PF between 2003 and May 2014, during the Lula and Dilma administrations.

Total operations, 2003 to 2014: 2,226.

Total arrests: 24.881, of which 2,351 were civil servants and 119 were federal police themselves.

The data presented below were extracted from a speech by Senator Ângela Portela to the Senate in which she demonstrates the dramatic increase in effectivness of the Brazilian feds.

If in the first year of the Lula government the PF carried out 16 anticorruption operations, in the following year, 2004, it carried out 42. In 2008 it conducted a remarkable 273 anticorruption operations at all levels of the government. In 2010, the PF carried out 272 actions. During the two terms of Lula, the PF realized 1,060 operations, compared with 8 realized under the previous administration.

No. of PF operations during the 8 years of FHC: 48, an average of 6 operations per year.

Number of federal courts when Lula assumed office: 100

Number of federal courts after Lula assumed office: 513, each with a presiding judge and a substitute.

The Lula government hired more personnel for the PF based on competitive examinations, increased the agency’s budget and acquired intelligence equipment.

Created under Fernando Henrique Cardoso, the federal Comptroller-General — Controladoria-Geral da União (CGU) — according to the Senator, achieved the status of a ministry in the Lula government, and since then has realized “exhaustive audits” of nearly 2,000 townships, chosen by casting lots, “so that the investigations cannot be viewed as partisan.”

FHC took office on January 1, 1995. What was his first official act, 18 days after taking office? He decommissioned the Commission for the Investigation of Corruption, created in 1993 by his predecessor Itamar Franco, the real father of the Plano Real.