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Brazilian PSDB | «Don’t Fear Impeachment»


A strand from an pro-impeachment echo chamber, liked by maybe 50,000

Source: PSDB – Partido da Social Democracia Brasileira.

«Toucans condemn PT hysteria over the possibility of impeaching Dilma»

Federal legislators of the PSDB are reinforcing the view of their leadership, that discussing impeachment in Brazil is not a taboo, much less a crime or a coup attempt, “as PT propaganda would have you believe.”

Ever since the possibility of such a measure emerged from society and the social networks, the supporters of the president have accused the opposition and the PSDB of inciting to what they call a “coup-plotting pro-impeachment movement.”

Facebook likes seem to roughly reflect the margin of victory in the past election

Facebook likes seem to roughly reflect the margin of victory in the past election: the dreaded technical tie

I have written before about this sort of «Movementarian» marketing strategy, intended to suggest huge, spontaneous grass-roots support.  It is known as astroturf marketing:

… apparently grassroots-based citizen groups or coalitions that are primarily conceived, created and/or funded by corporations, industry trade associations, political interests or public relations firms.

Despite widespread — nearly unanimous and apparently spontaneous, according to simple plagiarism detection tests —  condemnation in the legal community of the impeachment theory propagated by legal theorist and Opus Dei spiritual leader Ives Gandra and ex-president Cardoso, PSDB members of the house have apparently been dispatched to keep the fire burning. It is much as Luis Nassif envisioned the scene in November


Returning to the PSDB press release:

Toucan lawmakers reply that on the contrary, the party has treated the matter with discretion since the very beginning. According to federal deputies Delegado Waldir (PSDB-GO) and Luiz Carlos Hauly (PSDB-PR), there are indications that begin to point toward this possibility.

In Brasil, impeachment was adopted in the 1946 Constitution, but only one case has ever been approved by Congress: the case of Fernando Collor de Melo, today a Senator and close ally of Dilma and the PT.

“As long as the Constitutional prerequisites are observed, there is no coup. It is a simple matter of applying the law. We cannot continue to live in a country where the law is only applied to the humblest citizens,” says Waldir, …

The Toucan makes a point of saying that the possibility that the president committed “crimes of responsibility” – which would provide the legal framework for an impeachment proceeding — will be evaluated based on investigations by the federal police and the federal Public Ministry (prosecutor).

A classical Brazilian rhetorical moment:

The real coup being carried out in Brazil is the doing of the PT and Dilma. Electoral fraud, Petrobras, Eletrobras. Stealing from the pockets of the Brazilian consumer, killing the hopes and dreams for a just Brazil founded on mutual respect with their chaotic management of the economy,” said Hauly in a speech from the dais of the lower house. The Toucan does not rule out the resignation of Dilma to avoid an impeachment trial.

A real possibility – In a recent speech, federal deputy Carlos Sampaio (PSDB-SP) said there should be no hesitation in discussing the possibility of impeachment in the Congress, since it is a Constitutional measure intended to protect the people. “If the elements are present, as it seems they are, and if she continues down the road of corruption and impropriety, there will indeed be an impeachment,” he said.

Why not make use of a recall election?

Leader of the PSDB in the Senate, Cássio Cunha Lima stated that the topic should not alarm supporters of the president, because it is a Constitutional matter.

The national president of the party, (ex-presidential candidate) Senator Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG), said “it is not a crime” to discuss the possibility. According to Neves, “failure to recognize the powerful indignation of society is a failure to acknowledge reality.”

The senators rebutted accusations by PT supporters that the PSDB wants to bring about the impeachment of the President.

And: closing with a crude ad hominem argument.

Among these are supporters such José Guimarães (PT-CE), one of whose aides was once arrested with US$ 100,000 in his underpants and who is the brother of Zé Genoino, found guilty by the Supreme Court in the mensalão [PT payola] case; and Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ), president of the national student union UNE during the impeachment of Collor and now one of the principal advocates of this lame theory of the “[Paraguayan –Ed.] coup.”